Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holiday Home Tour 2016-Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Welcome Readers to the start of our Holiday Home Tour 2016!! I hope it makes your holiday spirit warm and bright!
Christmas a wonderful and magical time of the year for those young, old and in between! And for those who love to decorate I think its the biggest holiday of the year. I am slowly doing decor every chance I can so I wanted to share with you what I have completed so far. Please enjoy our master bedroom and note in real life, its NEVER clean!! There is always a toy, cloths or something randomly on the floor, that is just real life! But once in a while I get a chance to clean up and take some pics :-)
 Our master is located on the main floor, when we moved in it was a bright blue and we painted a beautiful soft gray color. I love the color so much I want to paint our house a similar shade, but that is not cheap! Maybe one day :-)
Since our bedroom is white and gray I use as much while and silver decorations I can find. I picked up this snow flake door holder from Walmart and tied some silver string on top. A sparkly way to enter the room.
 Over our bed I switched our fall wreath to a white one with a silver bow and silver ribbon to hand it up. I simply pin it to the wall with a push pin and pray it doesn't fall on our heads!!
 I purchased this prelit white tree from Walmart 2 years ago and its still going strong! I store it under our bed and its very easy to assemble.
 The tree ornaments are very simple, just some silver balls and beads. I top it off with a pretty silver bow, I love the way they sparkle against the white twinkle lights!
My sister in law gifted me with this monogrammed tree skirt, love it!
 We purchased this fireplace from Home Depot when we moved it, it really works too! It was a favorite addition to this room and is perfect for the corner!
 I got these 2 gray velvet stocking from, they have a fabulous Christmas decor selection and FREE SHIPPING! I have actually added some more decor to the top of the fireplacce since I took this pic, I will share those later. I printed off a Baby its Cold Outside printable and framed it, love the warm feeling it gives off.
The tree came from Walmart and snowflake stocking holders came from Target. My Mom gave me the candle holders, they were originally silver and I spray painted them white, super easy update.
We have beautiful french doors that open into our master bath. You may have heard me mention the BRIGHT blue color of our bath, its not my favorite and I have new ideas for it. But just no time to paint right now. I am hoping as the girls get a little older I will have a weekend I can devote to the bathroom, but until then its ok. I hung some green wreaths with a silver bows on the door. I think Hubby hits these with his shoulders every morning!
 Love the silver sparkle
 Mom gifted me with this beautiful big wreath that has silver ornaments on it. I picked up some blue ribbon and bow for it to match the bathroom. This year I put some bright red poinsettia's on the bath.
 I think this wreath is a perfect size for the big window!
I found this blue Christmas sign at Walmart, ALWAYS BELIEVE!
I've had this silver bells wreath for a while, it really jingles!
 I hope you enjoyed the first part of our holiday home tour, I enjoyed getting to share it! Its a fun & special time of the year!!


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