Monday, November 21, 2016

Elf Movie Night

"Uh-oh, sounds like someone needs a Christmas Carol!"
We kicked off one of the best holiday movies this weekend with Elf and Taylor loved it, especially the big burp scene, we were all laughing!!
 The movie is a great family movie with a warm heart and message, perfect for Christmas time!
 If you have seen Elf you know its all about SUGAR!! Who doesn't love sugar?! So this was a fun one to put together!
 Is there sugar in that syrup?
I got some help from yummy Cracker Barrell with our dinner for breakfast theme. They gave us some super cute syrup bottles and creamy butter.
 I finally got the red Starbucks coffee cups, they are so festive, love them! I especially loved the caramel latte in the cup!
"Son of a nut cracker!"
Some yummy boiled peanuts were Taylor's favorite
Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite meals, my Dad did it a lot growing up. Some extra crispy bacon with eggs on top of the yummy hot cakes, sweet!
These two elves are best Buddies!
 Love my sweet and sassy elf!
 Nicole wouldn't let me get a pic with the cute elf hat on, but she is still a cutie just watching the movie!
My heart has been heavy this weekend thinking about a family friend of ours who suddenly lost her husband, she is now a widow with 2 young kids. I know she will be ok, I know she has tons of prayers and support right now, but its still hard not to ask WHY? We may never know,  but it sure is a reminder to live and celebrate each day we have with our loved ones to the fullest!! Lets start the happy holidays!

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