Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Charlie Brown Movie Night

With Halloween behind us, our Movie Night moved from not so scary monsters to all about Thanksgiving! And I have to admit turkey movies are not too easy to find! So we will probably be moving into the Christmas movies really soon, there are so many great ones it will be fun! But we did watch one of the great classic Thanksgiving Movies with Charlie Brown!
Every year ABC airs the Charlie Brown movies and I always enjoy them, the movie itself is 43 years old, so its cool to see something I enjoyed as a kid still going strong for my kids!
I tried using some traditional Thanksgiving Day foods but a little more simple. Enter some of the best turkey sammies EVER!! You guys these are super easy and super good!!
All you do it get a package of Hawaiian Bread Rolls, slice them in half. Layer the bottom load with turkey and provolone/mozzarella cheese, then place the top layer over the meat and cheese. Mix a few tablespoons of honey Dijon dressing, butter, sugar and poppy seeds. Then pour them all over the bread, bake for about 15 min on 350 and you will be in heaven!! Put them in a baking dish!
This was Hubby's favorite part of movie night, Edwards Pumpkin Creme Pie and it was delish! Only about $5 at Walmart...SCORE!!
I pulled out my Thanksgiving decor and made a festive table scape with all the beautiful fall colors and yummy food!
 If you are ready for the movie, raise your hands!!
 Gobble, Gobble, we love turkey!!
 Show Time!!
 I'm so thankful for this girl!
Nicole said 2 thumbs up!!

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  1. So "Thankful"!! I have Alvin & The Chipmunks Thanksgiving dvd, I'll bring it to you this weekend!!