Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pink Pig

One of the many great GA traditions during the holiday season is to visit Macy's Pink Pig! We have been taking the girls for a few years and enjoy it every time. Some years even the Grandparents & cousin's join us. This month with our Saturday's being spent in Athens during November, we went earlier. We missed all 4 Grandparents but I took lots of pictures so no one missed a single smile :-)
Here are so pics from our fun pink visit!

Since the girls birthday party this year was Peppa Pig, I already had these super cute pink pig dresses, they were short sleeve and perfect for our trip! Here is Taylor with her Priscilla Pig doll Gigi got her a few years ago.
The Pink Pig is located in Macy's at Lenox Mall. We went on a Sunday after and there was no line to get tickets, SCORE!!
All Aboard!!
Daddy & Taylor ready to ride
The ride is inside a large white tent, there is pink everywhere!! If you love pink this is the place for you!
Macy's does a great job of keeping the past alive for many Atlanta natives who as children rode The Pink Pig when they were kids. Before being moved to Macy's, it was located on top of The Rich's Downtown Building. As a kids myself I remember riding it, my Grandmother Kee took my cousin Andy and I to ride, it was on top of the building and there was a candy station on the way in. I remember also watching Channel 2 every Thanksgiving night growing up with my parents as they would light the Great Tree, they still do it at Macy's and put on a great show full of Christmas songs and huge tree, its a great experience we are lucky to have here in the peach state!
There was no doubt what dress I had that would go with our Pink Pig visit, my pink Lilly P, or should I say Lilly Pig?!
Nicole Pig holding tight! She went last year but was only 2 months old and now she is walking!
During the ride you hear Priscilla telling a cute Christmas story, there are also beautiful trees and a pink tunnel!
Daddy, Taylor, and a photo bomber!
63 years and still going strong Priscilla!
Through out the many years the Priscilla Pig doll has changed, I have an older one from my Aunt Sarah and this one, plus a Richie Bear and my Granny Canida's Snoopy Doll! I will need to get a pick of all 4 of them!
Here is our official Pink Pig 2016 picture!!
Its one of the many fun things we do during the holiday season, we had a blast and I am looking forward to more fun things!!
Fa la la la la la la la! 'Tis the season to be jolly

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