Friday, November 18, 2016

Simple Joy's & What I Wore

For some reason I feel like this week has been rush, rush, push, push every single second. With a shorter work week next week, my customers have called and emailed non stop needing something urgently. Along with parties and food to prepare, I don't think I sat down once to relax...and I don't count sitting in traffic as relaxation! But in busy weeks like this its really important to find some simple joys. Especially when the calendar is filling up and your to do list seems to keep getting longer, to me its really important to notice the little things that make all the rush worth it. So here are some simple joys in my week so far...
 Chocolate chips cookies are a good place to start! I picked up a pack of the Toll House pull apart dough, baked for like 7 minutes and we enjoyed some gooey cookies and milk!
 If you love Christmas music as much as I do, I defiantly recommend adding the new Pentatonix Christmas album to your collection!
 My sweet manager gifted Taylor with 2 cute Disney puzzles, Taylor loves a good puzzle and is really good at putting them together, she is super smart!
 My Grandmother Kee did an excellent job of keeping major events in the local newspaper. When she passed away I was lucky enough to get her wooden chest which has all kinds of historic events stored in it. I pulled out a couple AJC's along with this weeks current People Magazine, I think its really cool!
 Doesn't Coco look adorable in her piggie tails?!
 I picked up this adorable I'm Stuffed top from Walmart, perfect for Nicole's Turkey Day party at school!
 She came home with adorable turkey feather hat, gobble, gobble!
 We celebrated all our blessings this week at work with our annual pot luck and it was THE BEST lunch I've had all year! Everything about yummy Thanksgiving food was on my plate, it was delicious and I wanted a nap after eating. But I pushed forward and ate dessertS.
 I can't get over how cute these Screaming Owl matching Thanksgiving outfits are, love them!! My two turkey's!
This is my new sweater from Walmart, Taylor said I look like I am wearing a cape! I paired it with this blue tunic, tights and tassel necklace, super comfy!
 I saw a similar outfit like this on Instagram, just changed the black tights to black pants! I had all the items in my closet...SCORE!
 Some Lilly P with Lolly W makes a happy Lindsey P! I paired my brown stripped monogram dress with my hot pink Lilly vest and pink necklace.
 Another Instagram idea for the win! I paired my cute leopard flats from Walmart with my white jeans, Target gingham button down and green vest.
 I picked up some fresh cut tree tea light candles, they smell so good!
I hope everyone has a great, relaxing and fun weekend!

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