Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Home Tour 2016-Front of our house and den

Happy December Friends & Family!!
Does this make you happy or do you get a panic feeling, or maybe both?!
I am pretty excited myself, I am really glad I have finished most of my decorating and about half of my shopping. I really like having this done so I can sit back and enjoy each night relaxing with some hot chocolate and watching Christmas programs or looking at Christmas lights! I hope you got a chance to watch Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors last night on NBC, it was fantastic!! Heart warming and full of hope, just what Dolly and Christmas should be!
 I even got Taylor to sit with me for a few minutes and watch it, of course cookies and chocolate milk helped! I love picking up a pack of Toll House cookie dough, like $3 at Walmart and making them warm and gooey.
 I wanted to show you the front side of our house today along with our den. One of the many things I love about our neighborhood is the charming white picket fence we all have. I've always hung some garland on it and have been wanting to add lights but never have, until this year!! I ordered a BIG string of lights and hopefully they will be long enough to wrap around the garland, I will let you know.
I did hang up wreathes and put some twinkle lights in the bushes. Hubby usually hangs the wreaths but with his back I did it this year. I will admit, I was really nervous on the second level but I did it and no one had to go to the hospital...SCORE!!
 Here is another view of the front of our house. You can tell I took a pic on a sunny day and another on a cloudy day :-)
Along with Rudolph I hung my monogram P letter on the door, I think it looks like a big ornament!
 I picked this plaid ribbon at Walmart, I love it!
So many of us are mad about plaid during Christmas!
 I love how the mantel came out this year, it really sparkles! The only thing I added was the Ho Ho Ho had from Walmart to the fireplace screen. I've had the Pottery Barn stockings since it was just me and Gizmo, over 10 years ago and they still look great! I have a Lenox Christmas lamp that was my Aunt Sara's and a nutcracker from my MIL. Pricilla the Pig and Richie Bear are also Aunt Sara's and Snoopy was my Granny's.
 I picked up this super soft red fleece blanket from Walmart, $5 bin!
 I think this may be my favorite tree I've ever done! We picked it up at Home Depot! What I am most excited about is the paper fan's I added. I saw this in Instagram and loved it, I orders a set of 6 from Etsy and they look fantastic!
 I tried getting the perfect picture of the girls in front of the tree, instead I got this, but I love it!! This is reality, look at Taylor's face!
 For me like so many others, decorating the tree can be sentimental. Looking at all the ornaments and remembering where you got them or who you got them from. I hang 4 special ornaments on our tree for all my angels. My two girls here and my two babies on the other side of heaven XOXO
 While on the subject of beautiful trees, I wanted to share Mom's stunning dining room tree!! It's so pretty with all the poinsettia's and red curtains. As far back as I can remember my Mom has always decorated with red in some room, she loves it and always makes it so pretty!! They have an awesome vaulted ceiling in this room, I will have to get some more pics to share with everyone soon!

I purchased this Christmas plaque from Home Goods a few years ago, its so pretty and sparkles so bright at night. I hung this in or dining room and love it right next to the lighted garland. I hope you enjoyed this part of our Holiday Home Tour!!

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