Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Simple Joys & What I Wore

We are at the half way point of our new back to school schedule, so far so good!! Everyone seems to be getting into their groove, by far the hardest part has been the traffic in. With school starting and rain every morning this week, I have clocked almost 1 hour and 15 min to get to work so its defiantly frustrating and I try really hard to just stay calm cause honestly, there is not much I can really do to go any faster. Hopefully sunny skies will return which will help! But even when traffic stinks and you feel rushed it becomes more important to find simple joys in every day life. Here are some of mine!
 When PreK started last week, my Time Hop pictures of Taylor at the Waffle House came up, look how big she is and still just as beautiful XOXO
 When Hubby picks up a Triple Chocolate Chunk Blizzard and you get to eat it in your comfy bed...SCORE!!!
Nicole's Human Pillow
As a young girl I LOVED Pippi Longstocking so when Nicole was sick at home last week I ordered the girls a pizza and showed them the Pippi movie and they really like it and so did I!!
Bright and beautiful flowers Hubby gifted me with
Attention all Disney fans, the USPS is now selling this awesome Disney Villain stamps, I got 2 of them!
Paw Patrol ready for action!!
Sunday night was the exciting premiere of the 5th Sharknado movie and it was just as awesome of the other!! Sharknado Global Swarming had Hubby and I laughing so much. Out favorite scene was Brett Michaels on the bus playing his guitar before he got eaten by a shark, YES!!!!!
Sunday was promotion day at church, here they are growing up!
Fun morning at church!
Miss Independent with her bag and Peppa all by herself XOXO
Baby girl in a bucket :-)
A few posts ago I shared our newly painted master and I have slowly been getting some cute accessories like this monogram towel
Starting the day with this big smile :-)
My Mothers Day Lilly P tee white a white skirt and necklace, the skirt came from Amazon, they have the biggest color variety of pencil skirts and are very affordable!! The necklace came from Ebay, $5 bucks! An my Dixie Delights bracelet of course!
Starting the work week with rain means some bright and colorful pants are in order! This outfit is old but I still love the coral and mint combo. I think the capri's came from 10 Dollar Mall and the tee, flats and scarf came from Target.
I had a lunch meeting last week so wanted to dress nice and comfortable, this blue scallop dress remains my favorite from I just paired it with some pretty pearls and earrings.
This top came from Target, I love the color but it fit a little big so I paired it with a pencil dress that was a little too small, made it into a skirt and tied to top in a side knot. Using what I have!!
I always get nervous going to any doctor/dentist appointments, I had my yearly physical so I figured some Lilly P would help make it better. The good news is all went good, I do need to work on getting my cholesterol down, this is not a HUGE shock to me. I could do a lot better with what I eat and how often I work out. I have been trying a lot harder this week, hoping to get more exercise in and eat a little better so I can get it down without the help of medication. I will keep you updated! I've been eating Lean Cuisine's for lunch and jogging.
I did have to fast before more appointment and they took some blood so I was needing to refuel...Starbucks!! I won a gift card at work with a trivia game and picked up a caramel drink, so good!!
I wore this fun dress on our anniversary dinner date and paired it with a teal cardigan for work, everyone loved it! Its from Target and I love it cause its an elastic waist!!! SCORE!

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