Friday, August 11, 2017

Nicole's New Bed

I have had so much fun this week because my Dad and brother delivered Nicole's new bed!! They drove all the way from Columbus to Athens, then Athens to Cumming. I truly appreciate them doing this. It is my Grandmother and Granddaddy Kee's master bed and its beautiful! I also decorated her room with a few new items, it has been so much fun so lets get right to it and show the pics!! Here is what her nursery looked like before:
I will admit it was harder then I thought it would be taking down that crib. We got the crib, changing table and chest from Babies R Us for Taylor. We chose the dark wood color cause we thought it would go with a boy or girl. Lucky us got 2 girls and it has held up great, although it does have some teeth marks!! I am not ready to make the final decision on what we will do with it yet, so for now it will go in out attic. I was given so much to help with both our girls so I am hoping I can do the same for someone. But although it was a little sad to pack up the crib it was WAY more fun to decorate a new big girl bed!!!
 Here is it and its so pretty! A classic 4 post bed perfect for a princess like Nicole!
I got all new sheets, pillow cases and comforter from Pottery Barn, a little pricey for me but I wanted to get the same sheets Taylor has, only in lavender. Taylor's is all pink and green. I also got some new bed rails, this is an extra high mattress set as you can see!
 A view from the other side. I got the matching lamps from Walmart, the first end table came from my Mom at a shop from Columbus. The second end table came from my neighbor's garage sales. On the left side you may notice the diaper wreath, my Aunt Judy made that for Nicole's baby shower at The Swan House. On the right side there are 2 hand stitched pictures, one is a little boy Omma made Baby Hubby and the other is a cross stitch my Mom did years ago. I LOVE having items like this in my home.
 When I was preggers with Nicole, Gigi came and hung up this beautiful canopy over her crib, its the same one Taylor has. The letters came from Joann's and they are hanging on a curtain rod.
 Another new item is this white bassinet. I use to have some storage cubes in this corner filled with bibs and sweaters, since we no longer need bibs I packed them up and stored the sweaters in the closet. This bassinet has been used in my family for years, almost 100 my Dad said. When I posted it on Facebook I got 2 comments from my cousins that their kids has used, isn't that so cool?!
 Here is another view of her room, nothing really new but it was clean so I took a pic!
How does she like it you ask?????
 Just look at that beautiful smile!! 
She has done great in her big girl bed so far!!
Remembering back to my own childhood room, it was a place I spent a lot of time in, especially my teenage years. It was beautiful and a space I loved being in. I hope my own girls love their rooms as they grow up, I know many changes will happen in their own style likes. But for now I hope they both feel like princesses in their rooms XOXO

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  1. Love all of these sweet & nostalgic items... they lend character & history! Exactly what makes a house "HOME" !! ~