Thursday, August 3, 2017

Master Bathroom Update

If you follow along with this blog, you have heard me mention more then once I was not crazy about our bright blue master bathroom! I blame myself, I picked out the color in a rush and when I saw it go up I knew it was too bright, but didn't want to say anything cause almost half the bathroom was painted at that point. So I just made the best with some cute accessories. But this summer, Hubby's back felt good enough to do some painting, check out our new bathroom!! Here is the before pic:
It's not terrible but just a little too bright for me. Enter Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain:
 I am absolutely thrilled with it! Its a sage green and I have been adding some white accessories, it feels like a spa!
 We are always on a budget so I tried to reuse items I already had and new stuff I tried to get at like Walmart. The sheer curtain came from Walmart, $7 each. I found this white fur pillow case cover from Ebay for $5. I spray painted the candle holders and painted our monogram the sage green. The white metal flower is from Hobby Lobby, its my favorite new item I got for the bathroom.
 Here is the view coming into our bathroom. I love this bathroom, I have rented many places before we bought this house and I have never had a bathroom this big, its AWESOME!! Growing up I shared a yellow and blue bathroom with my little bro, but honestly I got it most of the time which he will agree with :-)
 The 3 frames overs the shower have been there, the frames came from Michael's and the prints from Etsy. I did get this new white wood diamond from Kirkland's, so pretty!
 Ever since Taylor's first trip to the beach we take a picture of Daddy or me throwing her into the air. I love these print and keep them on display here. I picked up some new white frames from the Dollar Store and updated the prints. I still have a few more to add, its a work in progress.
I picked up these baskets from Good Will, each around $2!
Although these are not new the white goes great! I picked these little mirrors up from Walmart last year I think.
This bath metal sign came from Etsy and was green but I spray painted it white and picked up this cute sign at the Target Dollar Spot. I have seen it all over Instagram!
These 3 frames were also green and I painted them white and kept using the same prints.
Although I originally got this print with blue and green colors I love the verse and just kept it for now and repainted the frame. 
I have had this large metal circle for a number of years and its been many different colors, I spray painted this one white too.
I also got some new white rugs and we are working on finishing the toilet room, with school starting up it may take a couple of weeks more! But I am so excited about this new paint color, its so beautiful. I spend a lot of time getting ready so have a bathroom I love is important to me, hope you enjoyed this little update!

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  1. Your bathroom truly is a spa now... just beautiful!! The sage green is so relaxing & such a soothing color. You keep the candles lit all the time right?! Ha Ha~