Thursday, July 6, 2017

4th of July Celebration

How was your 4th of July holiday?! I hope it was relaxing and enjoyable for everyone!
We enjoyed a nice day at home. We went to the pool, grilled out and played with our neighbors pretty much all day. It was a fun day, here are some pics of what we did!
 Hubby stopped by a local fruit stand and picked up a huge watermelon, its juicy and delish!
We ran around and around, this was taken at 9 PM!!
Enjoyed some star shaped donuts
 Wearing red, white and blue
 We made some yummy caprese salad, the mozzarella is my favorite part!
 Hubby wanted to be at the grill of course!
I made a pan of brownies and added some cream cheese icing, strawberries and blueberries for a flag 
Some naps where taken of course, Daddy always manages to score a nap when the girls are snoozing somehow :-)
Going anywhere with Nicole requires multiple items like 2 bottles and Peppa Pig!
I had some free time and decided to go to Target, I usually don't do this cause I prefer to do as much as I can online, but Nicole and I ended up have a fun time!
She especially loved stopping by the Pizza Hut food court for a personal cheese and bread sticks! And of course I got a Coke Icee!
 Our official 4th pic!
Look at those smiles!!
Evening strolls are the best!
Playtime at the pool!
I finished up my 4th mantel with a flag bunting and a new American lighthouse and little Uncle Sam from Lakeside Collection. The heart wreath came from Walmart. The 4 white candles and holders came from our room and I tied some blue and red ribbon around them!
Our neighbors Emily and Cameron came over and played with the girls
And some more grilling, a perfect 4th of July plate with a hot dog, baked beans, watermelon and chips and of course some lemonade!
We had a fun 4th, I hope you all did too!!

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