Thursday, July 27, 2017

Date Night & Beach Fun

Vacations with little ones is tons of fun, seeing the excitement of playing in the water makes me remember how much I loved it as a little girl. They love getting to experience new things and places. But its also a lot of work, from packing to keeping an eye on them while in the ocean/pool so when Gigi and Granddaddy offered to watch the girls which we went on a dinner date, Hubby and I were pumped!!!
 We dined at Runaway Island, right off Front Beach Road in PCB and it was awesome!! Right on the beach, our table was on the porch with an umbrella to help cool us down. It had just rained so there was still a nice breeze that helped. the back porch was huge and had live music playing, fun!
Lots of fresh seafood, yum!
 Nacho appetizer, oh yeah!! These were actually fried won ton strips instead of tortilla cheese, talk about delish!!!
 Look at this view!
I ordered these yummy fish tacos with cheese grits and sweet tea, a bight of heaven for sure!
 Along with lots of yummy food, the girls had lots of fun playing around the beach and pool!
 My child who was not a fan of sand
 Just look at this beautiful emerald water XOXO
 Another great part of our beach vacation is my extended family usually joins us, its changed from year to year who can come but no matter who is there we still have fun! Uncle Lee grilled some steaks one night on this patio while we watched the gorgeous sunset. Here is Taylor and Aunt Brenda :-)
 There was also an ice cream stand in our hotel lobby with the sweetest lady scopping...SCORE!! We had ice cream anytime! My favorite was the mint chocolate chip!
 Dinner on the patio XOXO
 Late night swimming
 Snacks on the beach
 Ever since Taylor was a baby we have taken a throw you in the air while on the beach picture, here is Coco with her Cheese Its she wasn't about to let go of!
 Taylor isn't as easy to toss around as she was when she was a baby but Daddy still did it!
Our UGA tailgating friends were also on vacation at PCB, Taylor had a fun time playing with Sophia and Ricky!
My Loves XOXO

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