Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 Beach Vacation

We had a great week visiting Panama City Beach with the girls and our extended family! We have been going to PCB since I was a little girl staying at the same place, a very nice hotel called The Palmetto. Its really cool to see my girls now enjoying just like I did and still do! So here are some pics of our trip down and first day!
 With a really nice work discount we were able to rent a big van and the girls loved it! They were all about the sliding doors!
 Family vacation, here we come!
 We cut our trip down in half be leaving Monday night and staying at my parents Columbus, GA house, from there is was only like 3 hours to PCB. All parents know there are many stops along the way with kids, we did get to see a long train go by which was neat!
 Looking cool in Daddy's hat!
 We are here!!
 Beach Beauty!
 Nicole is not a big fan of the sand, she wanted to be held!
 Loving the ocean this year, especially with her new boat!
 Swimming everywhere!
 Chilling on the balcony
 Oh yeah!! Ice Cream break time!
 Family pic!
 No alarm clock to wake us up...SCORE!
 Our water girl
 Swimming with my girl
 Cudding with my other girl
 There is something special about swimming at night time, especially with ice cream!
 A lovely view from our balcony, so pretty!!
Our first few days were fun filled and we did a lot more I can't wait to share with you all tomorrow!

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