Monday, July 10, 2017

Silly Things & Simple Joys

I saw a couple of fun things I thought you may all get a laugh at too!
The latest pool float sold and on display at Sam's Club:
 You may be thinking you are in the maxi pad aisle or a maternity wing of the hospital for women after they give birth. Nope!! This is a pool float!!
Extra absorbing?!?!
 I took this picture of my sweet girl Friday when I asked "How was school today?" She replied back "Good, we had water day and the fire alarm went off while I was going potty."
My worst fear come true!!!
She said she did pull her pants up and ran outside to the playground during the fire drill.
 Some beautiful flowers in my neighbors front yard, I love our charming neighborhood and feel proud that we live here
 Getting to hold both girls at the same time doesn't happen much, but at night sometimes they both like to rock with me XOXO
 I've been excited about this one, my first Rae Dunn mug!!
If you love Instagram like me then you have seen these EVERYWHERE!
I think they are so cute, I have seen so many people who have beautiful collections. I am not planning on going that far, besides these mugs are hard to come by and a little pricey, Hubby said I better use it every day. But its the perfect size and shape and just makes me smile. Isn't that the way we should start everyday?!
 We had family come over this weekend so I was cleaning the house trying to make our house look like kids don't live there :-)
I snapped this picture of our master bedroom since it was clean. I love lighting the candles over the bed with the pretty wreath, I think it give off a soft & comforting feeling.
 My newest Spireside Candles, Floating Lanterns from Tangled!!
You guys, it smells GREAT!!!
I can't say it enough, if you love Disney these candles are a must have, they smell so good!
 When your newly married cousin is honeymooning in Greece and sees one our your plants!
 The start to a new master bathroom color!
 My family loves some pizza!!
 My little bit XOXO

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