Monday, July 17, 2017

Bolt Movie Night & Laundry Update

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you had a good weekend and got to recharge and relax. Our was very nice, we had some birthday parties to go to and had a fun movie night Friday with Bolt, woof! woof!
 "Every minute spent in your company becomes the greatest minute of my life"-Bolt.
I got this cute little Bolt doggie from Ebay, under $7 bucks...SCORE!
 I went with a dog theme for our snacks, hot dogs of course!! Pup Tails and Doggy Treats! AKA Cheetos and Scooby Doo snacks!
 "You have to believe in your natural super power"-Bolt
 Puffy Portmann, Woof!!!
 Taylor's new puppy
 I also fixed some chocolate cake, cause who doesn't like cake and movies?
Bolt was really cute, did you know it was Miley Cyrus and John Travolta (my birthday twin)?!
 Later that night Taylor and I enjoyed some MORE chocolate cake cause its Friday, right ?!
 Although not very interesting or pretty, I did a small little update this weekend. Our laundry room dryer was pretty gross, just covering in dust and dryer garbage, so I did a little clean up, added an old red lamp and got a $5 Etsy laundry decal. I added it to this glass jar along with a fresh candle (its near wear PK's liter box is..yuck). It looks much better and cleaner!
 Super hero Coco to the rescue!
 My family & I are headed to the beach this week, we are all really excited and looking forward to lots of fun in the sun. I will take a little break from the blog but you all know I will keep posting lots of pics from our adventures on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks so much for taking time to follow along!!

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