Friday, July 7, 2017

What I Wore

It's almost the weekend everyone, who is ready?!
I know I am!! I have another coworker who is off next week that I will be covering for, kind of dreading that but I just tell myself to do the best I can do, you are only one person!
 One of my all time favorite quotes from Teddy Roosevelt, so very true in all parts of our life!
My recent outfits had a patriotic theme to them, I have lots of red, white and blue I like to wear, and any day is a good day to be a proud American!
I got this tee from, I love it! Super soft and patriotic, SCORE!
 I wore this on 4th of July, its one of the most comfortable tops ever! It came from Walmart for under $5, I think its 2 years old now but still looks great. I paired it with my navy Target shorts and Walmart sandals.
 This is also a Walmart dress with navy and red stripes, perfect for the 4th! Notice my new Dixie Delights tassel bracelet, I think I know have one for every holiday and LOVE each one!!
 At work I have to cover up more and its not hard cause the AC blows freezing cold air ALL DAY!!
Anyway here is another Walmart tank like the red polka dot one except in white with navy polka dots. I paired it with my red pencil skirt, necklace and tassel bracelet.
 Another great Walmart tee from a few years ago, I especially like wearing this tee on Memorial Day and 9/11. Its even better with some ice cold lemonade!
 Although my pj's are NEVER picture worthy cause they are always mismatched and usually just a big tee and elastic shorts/pants, I picked up these adorable palm leaf pajamas at Target I wanted to share for $12. I love the light pink/peach color and the fabric is super light, a great summer pj.
 I also picked up this pretty skirt and top from Target, I loved it when I got it but when I put it on it was just a little big, I bought my usual size but I guess this brand runs bigger. Believe me, that is usually not the case with me, its usually the other way around, things are too small! I am thinking I could do a side knot on the tee to give it some shape?!
I got this cute black and white stripped tee from, I love the ruffle and thought it would be perfect for football season. Black and white goes with some much, I can pair it with all colors!
Do you follow Erin from Cotton Stem Interiors? If you don't, you should! She has a great blog and really funny Instagram stories. Any many of her posts she has talked about NYX Butter Gloss and now I know why! Its AWESOME!! Its so pretty, smooth and stays on a good white for a lip gloss. I ordered these 3 from Ebay but I know Walmart and Target sells this brand also. You will love them!
Another great recommendation I wanted to share with you are Spireside Candles, although they are pricey, $20 bucks a candle they smell GREAT!! And if you are a Disney fan you are in luck, they make Disney scents! I had tried The Polynesian and this one above called I Am Moana. They are soy so they burn a long time. Even Hubby likes them!
I hope everyone has a great Friday night and a Happy Weekend!!

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