Friday, July 28, 2017

Pier Park at Panama City

If you are a long time visitor of Panama City Beach then you probably remember the totally fun Miracle Strip Amusement Park! As you know, its now closed down but luckily some of the little rides are still around at Pier Park. We took our next adventure to the amusement park and had lots of fun, but it was for sure the hottest thing we did while at PCB! We went around 10:30 AM, cause the crowds at night are really big a Pier Park, but even mid morning, we were all sweating! But still had tons of fun, check it out!
 Here we go!!
 Our first stop was the merry go round, both girls loved it!! Hubby has a look on his face that he may just barf..yeah!!
 Nicole was all about holding the tickets
 Here is my Nicole riding the airplanes!
 Daddy and Taylor were up next
 As I mentioned it was HOT! Enjoy the look on Daddy's face as the ride keeps going...
 The look of pure happiness!!!
 Feeling HOT! HOT! HOT!! Parenthood :-)
 Gigi & I thought Hubby was about to fall out, here he he fanning himself off with his hat!
 Spinning herself around on the dolphin ride!
 Next up, the dump truck! Watch out Kee Trucking!
With only a few tickets left Gigi and Taylor headed for the bumper cars!!
 Hang on tight, Gigi at the wheel!!!!
 With a little help, Taylor's ball made it into the buckets and she won...
 This HUGE Minion!! Thanks Gigi!
 How you look when its almost 100 degrees outside
 Best name ever!
 Family pic!! Check out Hubby again, he is all over this!
 After the park we went back to our hotel and cooled off, here is Uncle Lee and Aunt Brenda with Coco

Taylor relaxing with Aunt Judy
 Love our family XOXO
Aunt Brenda's happy place, with a baby!
Sometimes they can be really sweet and share their ice cream
Silly girl
So this ends our family vacation in PCB, we had tons of fun and are looking forward to next year. A HUGE  thanks to my parents for all their help, we are so blessed!!

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  1. I can't stop laughing at the Pier Park day Ronnie will laugh at them too! I think we all felt the heat that day! #thethingswedo4love 🔥🌞💟