Thursday, July 13, 2017

Poppie's Party

Over the weekend my in-laws and sister in law all came over to celebrate Poppie's Birthday, yeah!! Did you know my father in law is a twin?! Yup, he has a twin brother named Wally who actually helped marry us years ago, he is a retired minister now. Poppie is the younger brother :-)
 Here is Coco gearing up for the party and helping me clean up all her toys!
I got this cute chalkboard sign back in February, I love it cause you can put different names on it!
Omma & Poppie are in the process of moving into a new house so Omma gave the girls some cute toys she didn't want to get rid of. This canopy doll bed was Aunt Amy's when she was a little girl! 
 I show these Pioneer Woman drink holders a lot but they are so great I wanted to share! I got them from Walmart at least a year ago and they still hold up. Easy to clean in the dishwasher and I can use them at a lot events!
Hubby and I made a yummy meal of jerk chicken, hash brown casserole, grilled corn, brown rice and Texas Caviar. Here are all the cousins!
 Happy Birthday to you!
Omma took care of the dessert, she brought a yummy Publix chocolate cake and some ice cream
Make a wish!
 Poppie with all his grand girls!
They love their Poppie!
Happy Birthday to our favorite Dad, Father in law, and Poppie, we love you!

Wish you the best year yet and many more!


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