Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Home Tour 2016-Girls Bedroom's

Can you believe it, its the final week until Santa's big day?!
I have so many lists right now of things to do and get, it looks like I have done everything I can do right now, but I still feel like I am forgetting something, do you get like that?
I wanted to share some holiday rooms upstairs with you today, I really enjoyed decorating the girls room, I hope the will continue to love the little trees and nutcrackers in their rooms as they grow!
 Here is Taylor's pink Christmas room! When we moved into our house, I remember her room was the first one we painted, pink of course!
 Gigi got Taylor this beautiful pink tree from Kohl's for her first Christmas with some beautiful ornaments, Taylor loves it! The pretty pink ribbon was made by my friend Nancy at Taylor's baby shower.
 One of my favorite ornaments, I am dreaming of a pink Christmas!
 This is a new item I bought this year from Target, its a super soft pink fairisle blanket, its so comfy!! The Rudolph pillow cases came from Etsy last year.
 Here is Taylor's Pink Pig Board, every year we ride I put a picture of her up there, I love seeing how much she has grown each year!
 My sweet friend Katie send me this, I thought it was perfect for Taylor's room!
 On to Nicole's room where you will find this pretty sparkly purple tree!!
 I picked up these candy canes from Walmart, hopefully I will find some more purple Christmas decorations as the years go by.
 I could not find a purple Christmas blanket so I picked up this cute polar bear blanket from Walmart, its super soft and only $5...SCORE!
 I got this pretty purple bow at Walmart too, love it! They have a great selection of purple ornaments!
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of the girls room, hopefully its full of sweet seasonal dreams!

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