Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Company Christmas Party

I've been blessed to have a good job the last 10 years and every December they treat us to a very nice Christmas party. Sometimes it has been a simple lunch and sometimes its a special theme. These year was casino night and we had a great time!
 This beautiful dress was the most formal I have ever worn to a Christmas party and it was so much fun! I thought the pretty cranberry color was very festive, it came from Amazon.com on cyber Monday!
 Omma and Poppie picked up the girls from daycare and took them to play and eat dinner at McDonald's! Here is Hubby and I walking into the Hyatt Regency, notice the cute black heart at the wall?!
 Poppie and Coco at Catch Air!
 I know Taylor loved playing in the balls!
 The Hyatt was so beautiful and upscale, the stair way up to the party was filled with garland and twinkle lights!
 Parents night out!!
 Hubby played blackjack and Texas hold em, I did not understand either one!
 My sweet coworkers Kathy and Katie looking lovely!
 They even had a fun photo booth, say cheese!
 While we were gone, Omma made Christmas cookies with Taylor, I know she loved the frosting. We had a great night out, it was so nice of my in-laws to come over and watch the girls, it was a great party to kick off this fun time of year!

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  1. You AND your dress were absolutely stunning... and oh yeah, Ron looked pretty sharp too!!~