Monday, December 12, 2016

Prancer Movie Night

We continued our holiday movie night's with the 80's classic Prancer! It was a movie I can remember watching in elementary school back when we celebrated the holiday's!!
  I brought up my 2 reindeer from downstairs to add to the table scape, I also ordered a pair of antlers from Oriental Trading!
One of the easiest ones to put together, I just got some PB&J uncrustables and used pretzels as the antlers and M&M's for the eyes, YUM!
We also enjoyed a yummy carrot cake, Prancer's favorite flavor cake!
How funny are these blow up antlers?! The girls liked them, someone puts them on their head and you can toss the rings on the antlers. A great $5 investment!
Daddy Reindeer!
Taylor Reindeer!
I see this face a lot on Nicole's Daddy when I ask him to pick his cloths off the ground :-)
Daddy, what are you wearing?
I have always loved this sweet movies, especially Jessie's singing voice!! It reminds me of when Taylor sings for us, loud and proud!!
Comet and Cupid!
I also love Sam Elliot's deep voice, its so recognizable!!
Prancer is a great and heart warming movie, perfect for little ones who love Christmas!

Check out the kids on the top left row making a silly face for their class pic....yup its Taylor!

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