Monday, December 5, 2016

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

It's that time of year again!! We had a special morning visit from Elfie all the way from the North Pole!
For those who may not be familiar, Elf on the Shelf is a book about an Elf who comes down from the North Pole on December 1 and reports back to Santa every night about the children's behavior. Each book comes with an Elf, boy or girl and the family names the Elf.
 Our Elf is names Elfie and she is really sweet and likes to join us for breakfast every year!
When I was packing up from our last trip in Athens I accidentally picked up my Mom's plaid blanket, sorry Mom!! But it has been a happy accident cause I have been using it on our table and think it gives a really cozy look!! Last year I purchased the Elf on the Shelf plates and cups from Pottery Barn. They were a little bit of an investment, but they are adorable and I look forward to using them every year!! I've had my eye on their Grinch bedding but haven't had the money yet, hopefully soon!
 I am not much of a chef but I do love cooking up some pancakes!! Both my Grandmother and Dad are fantastic pancake cookers. My Grandmother called them Hot Cakes and would cook them in a black skillet with Karo Syrup every time my cousin Andy and I would spend the night with her. My Dad taught me a good secret, while cooking them I put the butter on them so it melts while I cook the others, YUM!
 Here is sweet little Elfie, I think she is eyeing the donuts just like me!
 For some Christmas decor I put this cute little gingerbread house on the table, it looks like somewhere Elfie might live in The North Pole!
 My 2 little elves!! You can see The Paw Patrol joined us for breakfast too!
 Daddy reads The Elf on the Shelf book at breakfast. I want to give credit to Hubby right here, he was in an extreme amount of pain when I took this pic, a few hours later he was in the emergency room with his back. He tries really hard for us and I REALLY appreciate that XOXO
 You know I love a good side by side pic of the girls, here they both are in December at 3 months old, look at those tongues!!
 While cooking the pancakes I love so much, here is what Nicole is usually doing, pulling EVERY cabinet out!! This is why I love my microwave!
 One of my very favorite things to do during the holiday season and tour holiday homes on different blogs, there is so much inspiration out there!! With 2 small kids right now I can't really go on real life home tours so being able to see every one's Christmas decor from my computer is perfect. I have been seeing deer every where and love them. I wanted to add some to my decor and I found these 2 at Walmart, $6 each...SCORE!!
I purchase some shiny red berry leaves to go with them and used one of my Aunt Sarah's platters, love them!
 I hope you enjoy seeing Mom's decorated home as much as me, she has been a busy elf herself getting ready!! Isn't this picture of her dining room absolutely gorgeous?! It really sparkles and feels so festive with all the red. Notice the beautiful vaulting ceiling above, its wood came directly from the Chattahoochee River!
 And Mom doesn't stop in the dining room, here is another family tree in their sun room, it over looks their lake, so pretty!!
I hope you all are enjoying this most wonderful time of the year!!

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