Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Breakfast with Santa at The Swan House

Last year Mom, Taylor and I had our first breakfast with Santa at The Swan House, we loved it so much we wanted to do it again this year!! And it was just as fabulous. Nicole and Aunt Judy joined us there year, not sure yet if Nicole was too young, she could not sit still at the table and wanted to walk around everywhere, but we got some fantastic pics with Santa, so maybe it was worth it?!
We dressed in our plaid and pearls!! I got these cute dresses from Ebay and the skirt is from JCrew!
 Coco didn't wear her pearls long but I did snap this pic! And the ones Taylor is wearing belonged to my Grandmother Kee XOXO
 Here we are before enjoying a yummy meal!!
The Swan House as a few different dining rooms, each one is lovely!
Gigi and her girls, Taylor is ready to color
Gigi & her baby grandgirl
She looked so pretty, she let me curl her hair and put some eyeshadow on her!
My Mom was so sweet, she was fixing everyone plates cause Nicole was being, well not still!! Mom got me a little bit of everything. Let's me just say this is my favorite meal of the Christmas season. Fried chicken, squash casserole, muffins, corn, salad and the pimento cheese and chicken salad, DELICIOUS!! I can only wish I had a big container of chicken salad to bring home with me!
And they don't stop at lunch, an entire dessert bar, you know I was grabbing some Swan mousse and cinnamon rolls, YUM!!
 While trying to enjoy my meal Nicole was running around doing this!
 Mom was kind enough to take the girls outside for a little bit so Aunt Judy and I got some egg nog and  hot cocoa.
 Then is was our turn to see Santa!
 Look at the big beautiful smile, she loves Santa!
 Even Mrs. Claus was there!
 Keeping it real!!
 Even though Nicole was a handful so glad we did it, making memories is something you will never regret!!
 Thank you Gigi and Aunt Judy for a lovely meal!!
 Swan House continues to impress me, just days after our meal our professional pic proofs came in, they are beautiful, I will let you enjoy...

I want to order them all, so pretty!!
I know I said this before, but this really is one of the loveliest meals I enjoy during the year. Its defiantly not cheap but its fantastic!! If you live in the Atlanta area you should stop by anytime of the year, its a wonderful experience!


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