Thursday, December 22, 2016

Movie Night, Simple Joys, & What I Wore

It's almost here, the countdown is on!! Are you ready for a few days off of work?! I know I am watching the clock cause at 5 PM:
If you are like me, since Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall on the weekend, that means we get an extra long weekend, its terrific!!! I plan on really enjoying it the best I can!
We continued our Christmas Movie night theme with Beauty & The Beast The Enchanted Christmas, it was sweet and super girly, you know Hubby was all over it :-)
 I picked up some pink princess Reese's cups and Belle party plates at Walmart in their birthday section. I also picked up a new Belle doll for the girls to share.
 You may be thinking, what is that? Its called The Grey Stuff from the song Be Our Guest in Beauty and the Beast:
Be our guest
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie
And we provide the rest
Soup du jour
Hot hors d'oeuvres
Why, we only live to serve
Try the grey stuff, it's delicious
Don't believe me? Ask the dishes
Its actually just a yummy mixture of crushed Oreo's, pudding, cool whip and cocoa!
We also had some pink raspberry ginger ale.
 If you like Beauty and the Beast you would enjoy this movie too, all the main characters return.
Taylor & Belle, both beautiful!
Daddy's princess trying some ginger ale, she was not a huge fan!
Taylor at church Sunday morning, she stood by the tree and said take my picture Mom!
One of our sweet customers Seasons Transport took us out to eat for Christmas, Chad is always so good to us. We enjoyed some Dreamland BBQ and boy was it good!!
Christmas Vacation is one of the funniest movies of all time, cousin Eddie is the best!!
Sometimes I just crave an ice cold coke especially when I eat Chinese!! It never disappoints!
Reindeer Donuts...YUM!! Hubby picked these up from Dutch Monkey!
When your favorite Christmas song Jingle Bell Rock comes on the radio!
Playing with sissy
Daddy picked up this cookie hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen...SCORE!
Matching Christmas shirts!
Our 2016 Christmas Card
My new find at Walmart last week, this adorable sweater dress for only $12! Its soft and comfy, I love it! I paired it with my gold tassel necklace also from Walmart.
Don't Stop Believing! Love this Santa top from, I paired it with my buffalo check vest!
This will close it out for me this week, I am work tomorrow and have lots of fun things planned for the weekend. I hope everyone out there has a safe, fun and Merry Christmas!!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

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