Thursday, December 8, 2016

Life University

We made our second trip out to Marietta to see Life University's Holiday Lights and even with the rain we had a great time! For $10 a car I think its one of the best holiday values around!!
Around the school campus they put up these beautiful and big lights!
Love the gingerbread house!!
Palm trees and wise men!
Even though it was sprinkling rain, we did get out and walk around a little bit, here is Daddy and Taylor under the candy canes.
I need a Christmas umbrella!! We love being patriotic even during Christmas, USA!
We even saw Santa a few times!
If you live in driving distance of Marietta, check out their lights you will love them:
1269 Barclay Cir, Marietta, GA 30060
On our way back home we pulled into The Del Taco drive thru like last year!! We love some Del Taco, its a lot like Taco Bell but I think it tastes a little better and still cheap! I love our Christmas traditions!
After we got home from the rail I changed the girls into their matching Christmas jammies I found off Carter's, so cute! What is even cuter is Nicole's face in this picture, isn't she adorable!!
This girls love it when I run around and make a fool of myself, anything for a smiling picture!

Here is a snap of Mom's beautiful Christmas village on her den mantle, I love how the little buildings light up and the colorful garland. Even she picture above seems to glow.
 Daddy and Nicole, so cute!
 Charlie Brown and Snoopy really know what matters most XOXO

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