Friday, December 9, 2016

Gingerbread houses, Simple Joys, & What I Wore

If you are like me your December calendar is pretty full, especially this weekend, but its all fun stuff so that is ok! After the work week rush, its great to have a little more time to slow down, as much as you can if you have little ones :-)
Taylor invited her friend and neighbor Emily over to build some gingerbread houses and the girls seemed to have a great time, I hope its something we can do every year!
 Here are the gingerbread house builders!! I ordered these super cute gingerbread men aprons from Oriental Trading!

If I had to rate these Wilson Gingerbread Kits from 1-10, I would give it 100!! For real!! These box was only about $9 and it came with EVERYTHING!! If I had bought all the candy and icing myself plus the gingerbread it would have been way more. They sell them at Walmart and they are a fantastic product!
I used some wrapping paper as the table cloth and I highly recommend this because it made clean up super easy! Plus with all the icing, the table will get messy and sticky, they way your Christmas table cloth does not get dirty.
 The girls getting ready to work!!
 Cookies and hot cocoa go so good with making gingerbread houses, don't you think?
 This was a not a project the girls could do totally on their own yet but as soon as I got them put together they handled the decorating just great!
We had fun time putting them together!!
 Hubby making cookies with Taylor, so sweet!!
 Love how this lamp on Mom's Christmas staircase just glows!
Love this time of year cause when I open my mailbox its not just bills but beautiful Christmas cards!! This is the card holder I got from Target, its filling up fast!
 As well as getting those great cards in the mail box, I love seeing my street all lit up with beautiful lights!!
 On the way home from Hubby's meeting he stopped by Dairy Queen and picked me up a Rocky Road blizzard...SCORE!!
 The girls had Polar Express Day at school! They got to wear their jammies, have cookies, hot cocoa and watch the movie. I want to go to school with them!! I got these super cute matching pj's at Target.
 Coco and Santa love some milk!
 I picked up this Greek Seaside scent from Walmart and it smells fantastic, so fresh!!
This is one of my favorite long sleeve dresses, I have had it for so long I can't remember where I got it, but I think it came from I did pair it with this gold tassel necklace from Walmart, $5!!
Speaking of tassels, I love this sweater from Its super soft and I paired it with my black dress and boots.
 This dress may be too much for some but I LOVE it!! Its so festive and comfortable, it came from Target, they have the best Christmas cloths!!
 Baby Jesus, I am your Father :-)
This is by far my favorite Christmas tee ever!! Target for the win again.
Have a Merry & Darth weekend!


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