Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Home Tour 2016-Upstairs Loft and Guest Bedroom

I hope you have enjoyed my Holiday Home Tour, Christmas is my favorite season to decorate for. I love all the lights and colors. Getting our house ready really is so much fun for me, taking it down is a different story!! I wanted to close out by showing you our upstairs loft area and guest room, hope you enjoy!
When you come to the top of our stairs I have my Grandmother's Chester drawers decorated with a nativity set and some other Christmas pictures and signs. I also got this Noel sign from Etsy last year, I love it! This nativity set was a gift we got on our wedding from our family friends Chip and Pam, I also got one from my Mother in law I display in our guest room.
 This Merry Christmas sign is new this year, it was $7 at Walmart...SCORE! I try to switch my current pictures with Christmas ones. Here is baby Taylor and another one of Taylor and Avery.
 On the other side of the chest I have a cute little birdhouse and a peace tree from Walmart. I love candles like my Mom, right now I am burning a pine sent!
 In the corner of our upstairs loft I have a little multicolored tree with Georgia Bulldog ornaments and a paw print fleece blanket I use as the tree skirt.
 I was really fortunate enough to get my parents matching couch and love seat, they are comfy and this couch pulls out into a sofa bed, perfect for Uncle G on Christmas Eve!
 I hung some wreaths on each side of our built ins, this one is really special because its wear I hang my sweet Gizmo's stocking, he was a rascal for sure, but somehow always scored a gift from Santa!
 I also picked up this Merry Christmas banner from Walmart for $1, perfect length to go across the TV cabinet!
 During the holidays we have a few visitors, although the house is never as clean as I wish we always have fun. One of the many reasons I love out home is because we have a guest room with its own bathroom, a nice perk for our visitors! I got this welcome sign from Walmart, I thought the shovel was so cute and that I could use it in my winter decorations with Christmas is over.
 I don't have very many decorations in the guest room, but I do like to add some twinkle lights over the bed and a small tree. I also put a yellow bow on the wreath hanging on the window. I have mentioned this before but this was my bedroom set growing up, it belonged to my Granddaddy's Mother, its beautiful and holds a special place in my heart. The bedding is from Target and I added a Christmas fleece blanket from Walmart.
Notice that little cutie on the bed?!
 Walmart has had the best selection of Christmas signs this year, very affordable and cute, that's where I picked up this joy sign.
 We love the movie Polar Express like everyone else at Christmas, such a great message! I printed off this quote from the movie and placed a jingle bell next to it.
 I filled these glasses up with some ornaments. These glasses are not longer there due to my youngest daughter. She ripped them down and threw all the ornaments down the stairs!
 Here is the tree we have in our playroom, I call it our Grinch tree! I decorated it with lime green ornaments and a little Grinch. this window looks over our garage and it really pretty at night when we pull in.
 Today is the first day of winter and on my way into work after I de-frosted my car, it looked like a layer of snow, although it was just frost, it was still like driving thru a winter wonderland, so lovely. I thought about that beautiful Bette Midler song, The Rose, there is a line she sings that says
 "Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed, that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose."
I personally know many families that have had a difficult 2016, my own family had a close scare this summer. I have seen a father die way two young and leave behind a sweet wife and kids, a sweet couple loose their baby son, a friend's sister die, our family friends struggling with a lot of back pain and cancer, and my sweet friend Onika who passed away this spring. It can be a lot. I don't know why this kind of stuff happens, especially to good people. But I do pray as we come close to this weekend, where many people have mixed emotions about Christmas, that they feel hopefully and loved. Like winter when it seems cold and bare, there can be a lot of beauty in the light that shines through the cold, just like in the picture above.
Thanks for taking the time to tour our holiday home this year!!

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  1. Your beautiful home is a reflection of your sweet spirit!!~