Tuesday, July 5, 2016

First Dentist Appointment & Movie Night

I hope everyone had a happy & safe 4th of July weekend. It was so wonderful having an extra day at home, it was much needed for me! We did a lot of fun things this weekend I look forward to sharing all week. So lets start with a visit to the dentist...fun, right?! Daddy to Taylor to her first dentist visit and boy she excited! She has been talking about it and watched the Peppa Pig episode where Peppa visit's the dentist. I could see she had a cavity so I was holding my breath it wouldn't be too bad. The perks of being married to a teacher is hubby gets to take the kids to their appointments during the summer months!
Check out that happy smile during the X-rays! Hubby said the office was great for kids, they had a fish tank and a jungle theme with big trees.
Look at our big girls up in the dentist chair, she is so brave!
Still hanging on before the tears during her check up! Then she did a cleaning and Taylor DID NOT like it at all. Hubby said she was crying and screaming :-( She said it tasted disgusting!
So that was not as much fun as the Peppa Pig episode said it would be! But lets be real, who ever likes going to the dentist?! Every time I go it hurts my mouth and wallet! Since Taylor does have a cavity she has to go to a special dentist to get it filled while they knock her out, poor baby!
To try to make her bad dentist experience better we had movie night!
We loved Despicable Me! It was really funny and had a sweet message! I picked up some decorations and Minion glasses at Walmart, super easy and cheap!
I picked up some chips and salsa for El Macho's Salsa, simple and good!
A box of Twinkie's made some edible Minion's!
These Minion glasses were my favorite, I love these 2 faces!! I tried putting some on Nicole but that didn't go over too well!
A cute little Minion ribbon was just what my super star daughter deserved after her first dentist appointment!!




  1. So brave at the dentist.... proud of our little "trooper Tay" !!

  2. Your little one did a great job going to the dentist, and I hope the appointment to take care of her cavity went well. I am glad the office was decorated for children. I am sure the jungle theme and fish tanks put children right at ease. A Despicable Me viewing party is the perfect way to end the day.