Monday, July 18, 2016

I want to see you be Brave, a bathroom light up, & 10 months old

We had a fun weekend, it always seems to go by so fast!! Friday night we watched the Disney Princess movie Brave with Princess Merida!
Merida has bright red hair and an independent spirit. She was also really good with the bow and arrow, I ordered these from!
I didn't have much time to prepare so I heated up some brownie mix then used a round glass to make circle, outlined them in white icing and put a cherry in the middle for a target!
The movie itself was really pretty and I just loved all the accents the characters had!
Check out my bow Mommy!!
Daddy showing Taylor how to use the bow and arrow, it was a challenge!
Nicole was not too impressed with the movie I guess :-)
I picked up these pretty wall candle holders a while ago at Walmart for like $5 each...SCORE! I really like them but have never lighted them cause I am always too busy. But Saturday morning I said why wait! There is something about candles that just makes a home more comfy!! And they smelt great!
Speaking of Saturday morning, it never fails that my girls will sleep until like 7 AM almost during the week if we have to go to school, but when we get to sleep in on Saturday, guess who is up at 5:45 AM. So I took her on a stroll around the neighborhood, it was still cool and quite, it was actually pretty nice to see the sun come up!
I saw this post on Facebook and keep thinking about it. It was taken by a man who had just witnessed a motorcycle accident where the rider was killed instantly. Very sad, but if you look closely you can almost see like a white spirit above him, I think it may be his soul. Pretty amazing.
And speaking of amazing, our baby girl is now into the double digits, 10 months old! She is crawling fast, claps, has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom, loves her sister and ALWAYS wants to be held. She is a sweet baby, we love her so much XOXO


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