Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dollhouse Party & the pool

When it comes to great neighbor's, we really hit the spot! Our family next door is so sweet and kind, they are always checking on us to see if we are ok. They have a young daughter Emily who is a few years older then Taylor and who celebrated a birthday this past weekend. It was a dollhouse party! So cute and Taylor had a blast!
The invite said to bring your favorite doll or animal so Taylor took Teddy with her. She looked beautiful and was so excited about Emily's party the entire morning!
The girls made some beautiful bracelets for themselves and for their favorite stuffed animal!
They also got to wear some cute birthday hats, eat some goldfish and enjoy some yummy pizza!
They played a game of spin the tale on the donkey and Taylor won some crazy glasses! Of course she loved the homemade pink cupcakes Emily's Mom made too!
Happy Birthday Emily, we love having you as a sweet neighbor and friend to play with!!
Having 2 little kids means we don't go out to eat that much, it can be a lot more trouble then its worth! But when we are feeling brave we go eat Mexican, nothing like a little cheese dip to keep the kids happy!
I packed tons of toys and baby food to keep Nicole entertained!
While I took Taylor to party, Hubby and Coco went swimming with Aunt Amy and Cousin Ryder, they had a blast! Staying cool in these hot summer days!
The other morning while I was getting ready I noticed how much more the girls are starting to play with each other. Taylor crawls around like Nicole and they chase each other, it warms my heart and makes getting ready easier on me!!



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