Monday, July 11, 2016

Celebrating 10 years

Last week I celebrated my 10 year work anniversary with Imerys!! My coworkers ordered some food from California Pizza Kitchen, my sweet boss Paul gave me a little speech and I received a very nice gift. So much has happened since my first day here. When I started working at Imerys I was a single girl who had just got dumped and lost her job within the same week. I was stuck and knew it was a turning point for me. I hit the ground running and meet with Axim Staffing Services, took some tests and they told me they had a receptionist job at Imerys. The next day I interviewed and got the job, I was THRILLED!! At the time I was still living in Dahlonega so as time moved on I was able to get my own apartment in Alpharetta and start a new life!
As they years went on I meet so many great people at the front desk, I worked up there for 4 years. It was great meeting people from all over the world, plus there was always tons of food!! It was great! One of those people who walked thru the glass doors was my soon to be husband, who I asked out. Gotta try, right?!
An opening in the customer service department opened up and I interviewed for the position and got it. It was the right move for me, but at times has been very challenging. I have messed up A LOT. I get worn out and frustrated like everyone, but by far the best part has been the people I have meet. Some really good people who gave me a hug when I had my first miscarriage, who sent me flowers when my grandparents passed away, who made me a gift basket when I lost my second baby, who held my hand when the vet called to say my dog has passed away, who celebrate with me with baby showers and wedding showers, and those who I don't get to see anymore but will never forget.
I wish there was a how to guide on being a working Mother. It is something I struggle with everyday, lets be real. The guilt I feel when I am not at home with the girls, and the guilt I feel when I fall behind a work cause of family commitments. The daycare price is huge, I wish it was talked about more because its a big struggle for us. There is not much left when the bills are paid and you ask yourself, am I doing the right thing? I know everyone's answer is different. For my family its the right thing, having 2 incomes is needed to give our family the kind of life we desire. My biggest inspiration has been my own Mother. She worked everyday with both my brother and I. We both went to daycare and really enjoyed it. I have so much respect for both my parents, knowing how hard they worked. It helps with my own work ethic, and I hope my girls will look at me one day and know they can be anything they want. Hard work is a good thing.
I learn this every day! I have come to realize all you can do is your best, you will never be able to do it all, but I believe if you do your best, that is what counts. Letting go of a lot is important. Finding simple joys everyday helps too!
The amount of things to do never ends but you find a strength inside yourself to do it. Having a supportive family helps big time, caffeine & as much sleep as you can get!
All parents know this, even if your kids are not physically with you, they are always in your heart. I am grateful to have a job that helps support my girls cause they mean everything to me and I want to give them everything XOXO
My reason for doing all the hard work is these 2 angels, how lucky am I? To all the working Mom's out there, you are doing a GREAT JOB!!


  1. Every mom is a working mom.... my favorite inspiration has always been, "When it comes to spending time with the kids (& hubby, too), value quality over quantity!"

  2. Every mom is a working mom.... my favorite inspiration has always been, "When it comes to spending time with the kids (& hubby, too), value quality over quantity!"