Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sawnee Nature Trail

One of my favorite views at our house is right over Nicole's changing table, I love it because I can see the sun rising over Sawnee Mountain! The other weekend we took a short drive to the Sawnee Mountain Nature Trail, it was a treat, very nice!
At the start of the trail is a shady area with this Indian statue, very cool!
Once you start on the trail there is a big fish pond with lots of fish swimming around you can see.
When its 90+ degrees and humid out side, carrying a 10 month old is not my idea of relaxing. But since Hubby's back is out, I had to step up on the Mom strength, Nicole sure liked it! I had flashbacks of being pregnant in summer again...ugh.
Daddy put the bandana on Taylor and she loved it!
They had a real life tree house you could walk into, very cool!
Check out this roof!
Nicole seemed to really like it too.
We were pretty high up in the trees
A little info about Sawnee Mountain
After touring the tree house we walked over to the Fairy Trail!
It's a trail set up by some Girl Scout's, its really unique. There are all kinds of fairy houses along the trail you can find.
We found our first one!!
On our way out Taylor threw some pennies into the fish pond!
We had a great visit on the trail, we will defiantly be visiting again in the fall when it cools down!! If you are a local Geogian, check it out:

Sawnee Nature Preserve
4075 Spot Rd, Cumming, GA 30040


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