Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Movie & A Hair Cut

If you have kids and love pets, you probably have had last Friday circles on your calendar for a while cause that's win The Secret Life of Pets opens!!!!
 We took BOTH girls to see the movie, and I have to admit, they did way better then I feared! The regular movie was sold out so we went to go see it in 3D, it was really cool and a little scary when that snake came out!! 
Of course we got some popcorn, cherry Coke and a fruit punch for Taylor. Nicole enjoyed an ice cold bottle. It was great seeing Taylor laugh at all the silly animals!
We did not make it through the entire film but still had a good time! Going to the movies these days is not cheap, so it was something special and in the AC we had fun doing. If you are thinking about seeing the movie I defiantly recommend it!
My big girls hair grows pretty fast, with the super hot weather these days I wanted to trim it up some to keep her cool, off to Sweet & Sassy we went!
Ms. Sheryl gave her a beautiful trim while playing Finding Nemo on TV. There was also a birthday party going on where they were singing Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Taylor loved it!
After a pretty trim Taylor picked out the Elsa Braid, doesn't it look great! I need to learn how to do this!!
Smiling so pretty, she loved it!
After a beautiful hair cut, every girl gets to pick out a balloon and sucker! I am so proud of my big girl, she impresses me with her grown up behavior every day!! Sparkle On!!

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