Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beach Vacation

Most every summer since I was a kid my family has taken a beach vacation, most of the time we go to Panama City Beach, but we have also visited St. Simons and Fort Walton. Where ever we go, we have fun! This year we took a trip to the Gulf Coast, the most beautiful beaches in my opinion! We stayed at our family favorite hotel, The Palmetto. Here are lots of pictures from our trip!
Any one who holds a job knows that its important we all get a break from the every day grind. Sunsets and palm trees, here we come!
When you have to change a stinky in the drivers seat, welcome to car trips with young ones!
Pulling into the Florida Welcome Center to pick up some fresh OJ and enjoy the palm trees!
One of the MANY stops we made on the way down to the beach was some lunch at Sonic, we love Sonic!! Hubby got a hot dog and milkshake, I got a cheese dog and tater tots, I LOVE their tots and cherry limeade!
Taylor has been SO excited to go to the beach, although the sand was not her favorite she loved all the swimming she got to do!
Nicole's first time with her little toes in the water!
Taylor's dislike of the sand means Mommy did a lot of heavy lifting in the summer sun!
Uncle G doin what he does best!
Best buddies
We are all about some yummy food on vacation, this low country boil was delish!
Nicole and Gigi at the beach playground, my Mom helped me so much with the girls the entire time we were down there, I am so grateful!
Our sweet friends Justin and Alicia surprised our girls with this new Disney board game, Taylor and I love it!! They are so thoughtful XOXO
Since Nicole doesn't grasp the concept of sleeping late on vacation, but the advantage is we had the beach almost to ourselves along with the moon
Breakfast on the beach!
Pool time with my loves
Gigi, Uncle G, Hubby and me all took the girls on a trip to Gulf World, it was great! There are lots on marine animal to look at and even touch. They have dolphin shows and a big fish aquarium!
Gigi and Taylor looking at the cute penguins
I kept saying the aquarium was my favorite exhibit cause it was in the AC!!
Look at all the fish's Daddy!
We love making silly faces!
Throwing pennies in the pond
Checking out the pink flamingos
Sea Lions!!
Smile for Daddy's camera!!
Our Little Mermaid, so cute!
Ice cream cones all day and my new Lilly P, I love vacation!
While Gigi and Granddaddy watched Nicole, we took Taylor to Race City, a great little amusement park and mini golf place
She loved the Nija Turtle ride!
We even rode the Teddy Bear's with her and laughed so hard!! We were spinning so fast I was praying no one would barf!
So happy Uncle G joined us!
Taylor absolutely loved the indoor glow in the dark mini gold coarse and so did we, plus it has AC...SCORE!
Fly high in the sky sweet girl!
All smiles after a beach nap with Gigi
Building sandcastles
Our vacation was filled with lots of memories and fun, we can't wait to do it again!!







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