Thursday, July 7, 2016

World of Coke

If you live in Atlanta and love Coke, then you must visit The Word of Coke Museum, it is a blast! Maybe not on a Saturday, especially on a long weekend, but some day! We went and it was really crowded, but still enjoyed ourselves. I took the girls for the first time back in December and loved all the Christmas decorations, I really wanted my husband to see it. I think he had a blast to!
The line to get in was really long, and it was hot. But it moved along pretty good and they had some great big fans to keep you as cool as possible.
Daddy and Taylor waiting to get in, I had Nicole in the stroller with me. Both girls did great!
As soon as we walked in we were greeted with an ice cold Coke, it was perfect and refreshing!
The wall behind the front desk was full of TV screens with the Coke logo
Give me that Coke Mommy!! Who can say no to this face?!
See Coco in the middle? She is looking for her cola!
Taylor is not a soda drinker yet so she let us have hers :-)
The first stop is into a big room full of Coke history. They have old coke machines, signs, and clothing. Its really neat! We were some of the few that were actually from Atlanta, the rest were from all over the world!
After a little history lesson on Coke you watch a cute, fuzzy feeling 6 minute movie, I did get a little misty eyed! After that you are free to tour the museum. There is so much there like the secret formula vault to how Coke is bottled.
This was taken in the pop culture part of the museum, perfect for The 4th of July!
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is seeing the Coke Santa on the bottles, a signal the holiday season in here!
At the end of the tour you get to try all different flavored Coke's from around the world!
Hubby fixed me up a peach flavored Sprite, it was delish!
I always love a good picture of what real life is like!
Leaving the museum everyone gets another Coke!! I just love the bottles!
After our trip we hit another Atlanta must, The Varsity!! This is the original off North Ave, boy is it good! I got some cheese dogs, Taylor got a naked dog, and Hubby got chili dog and hamburger, it was fantastic and fun as always!!
We really enjoyed our downtown trip, Atlanta is so much fun and there are tons of great things to enjoy with the family! We love the Peach State!


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