Friday, July 8, 2016

4th of July Celebration

When you are fortunate enough to live in the best country on Earth, you have to celebrate big time!! We had a fun 4th of July, I loved seeing everyone's patriotic pictures of food, decor, flags and fireworks. Living in America is a true blessing, here are some pictures of how we celebrated!
I used the dresses I got the girls on Memorial Day from Walmart again, they are so cute!! Say USA!!!
A yummy lunch before we headed to the pool. My husband picked up some Publix friend chicken, pasta salad and a juicy watermelon! Complete with an ice cold peach tea!
It was a hot one for sure so we headed to the pool to stay cool!
Nicole didn't want to have anything to do with her float so goes who got to hold her the entire time?!
After the pool and some naps, Daddy grilled out a huge steak and made me some fish. Taylor had a yummy hot dog. We are loving our patio cover and had some big fans going to help keep it cool.
I got this dress for Taylor last year from Etsy and it is one of my favorite's. I love the stars and stripes skirt! She wanted to push her Elsa doll in the swing XOXO
Bless his heart, Hubby spent over an hour filling up these tiny water balloons, Taylor and the neighbor's loved them!
Along with some water balloons, Daddy picked up some silly string, Taylor was getting him in this pic! Hands up!
Then she came after me! Watch the phone I said!
Here are our neighbor's Emily and Cameron coming over to have some fun too!
Daddy showing Taylor the sparklers!
The girls are too young for fireworks right now, in fact they scare Taylor, but maybe in a couple of years we will start going to a fireworks show. But having a day at home playing and eating yummy food was just what I wanted after all the busy things we have been involved in.
We picked up this yummy Publix mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and we are STILL enjoying it today. It is SO good, if you go to Publix stop by the bakery and pick one up!! I am grateful for all I enjoy as an American!!

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