Wednesday, April 12, 2017

River Street & Ice Cream in Savannah

I mentioned earlier we had gone down to Savannah for some spring break fun, it was an awesome little trip! We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle, they were so helpful, and it really helped we didn't have to pay for a hotel!! Talk about saving some money! We did so many fun things thanks to my favorite blogger Dixie Delights. She is a Savannah native and had an entire post about kid friendly ideas to do while down there. All her ideas were so great and I can't wait to share!!
 I will be honest in saying I am not the biggest fan of traveling. I know so many people who love it, they love being free and seeing new spots and I do like that and I always have a great time whenever I get there. But traveling with small kids stresses me out! No doubt someone will have a scream fest, throw up or we will get stuck in traffic. Then the packing, uggh. With my girls I end up packing everything and its a lot. I always plan for the what if. So we end up with heavy suitcases and a full trunk. I have learned a few tricks though, we love our portable DVD player, its a life saver. I keep a BIG bag of snacks in the front. Everything from Combos, fruit snacks and Chex Mix. I also carry water bottles and Gatorade. I do love Rest Areas when I can find them, its great cause they have baby changing tables and lots of room to get out and stretch. Savannah was about a 5 hour drive for us, its a lot but the girls did pretty good. Once we got there we first headed to River Street for some fun!
 Driving into Savannah there is no doubt where you are just by looking at the beautiful trees! And they offer some great shade from that GA sun!

 We found a parking spot next to Emmet Park, it was really windy that day but sunny!
 The famous brick streets all around River Street are so pretty, but not easy to walk on with heels! Wear flats ladies :-)
 Nicole's 1st visit to River Street!
 Here we go exploring!
 The huge and beautiful boat right on the water, you can board it from River Street, its so southern!
 Family selfie!! Look at that wind!
 Checking out all the cool shops and yummy restaurants
 River Street Sweets, heaven for my candy loving girls!
 Who am I kidding, it was heaven for Hubby and me too! Just look at these candy coated apples!
 And all kinds of sweet treats on display
 I feel ya Nicole, mouth watering!
 This is a great stop in Savannah for anyone young or old with a sweet tooth!
 I love anything with chocolate and peanut butter so I got myself some buckeyes, yum!
 After playing around River Street we stopped by Leopold's Ice Cream, I had first heard about this little jewel when I saw the owner, Stratton Leopold on Paula Deen's show and I knew I had to try it!
 Leopold's has a secret family recipe passed down from the 3 brothers that started it, I am not sure what they do, but it works cause its delicious!!
 Leopold's is pretty famous in Savannah there was a line, but worth it!
 Check me out!! There is also lots of Hollywood posters and items from movies hanging on the walls that is cool to look at while you wait.
 Just some of the many flavors they have
 I got a yummy hot fudge Sundae and enjoyed every bite!
 Look close and you can see Mr. Stratton scooping up some ice cream himself! I was star struck! If you are down in Savannah I highly recommed going, the address is:
212 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401
Can't wait to share some more Savannah sweet spots this week! 

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