Monday, April 10, 2017

Tellus Museum & A Patio update

Happy return back from Spring Break everyone!
We got back from Savannah yesterday and are getting back into our normal school/work routine today. I can't wait to share with you all the fun and cool places we saw in Savannah, but before we left Hubby and Omma took this kids to the Tellus Museum in Cartersville, GA. Although I was not there (work), everyone told me they had a great time and sent me pics of their trip! My mother in law loves a good museum, she said it was so good she could have spent another hour there. Hubby and the kids said it was time to go :-)
 The Tellus is a kid friendly museum with geology displays, fossils, and a planetarium. Omma picked up Hubby and they took Avery, Ryder and Taylor. Nicole is still too little but maybe next spring break!
The kids and Uncle Ropo mining for gems!
Looking for shark teeth!!
Hubby looks like Dora The Explorer with that back pack on!
These kids look pretty calm considering a huge shark is about to eat them!!
I think this is Ryder's favorite one!!
Can you believe how big this turtle was?!
Daddy and Taylor having fun on their big adventure, like those bunny ears?!
Hubby got a pic of Taylor with this marble stone, its similar to what we sell out my work!
Elephant ears!!
Looking for some shark teeth, she loved this!
The 3 Musketeers! 
You can tell by the look on Avery's face this was the last picture of the day, it was time to go!!
Special thanks to Omma for taking the kids on such a fun adventure, I know everyone had a blast!!
I mentioned a few blog posts ago our gazebo tent ripped and fell over so we purchased a new one. We finally got the new one up (the same week as tornado's came through...I knew this would happen!!) and we love it. I hung up this new Patio Rules sing from Lakeside Collection.
Along with the new tent I got a new chair and cute table, its great to put drinks on while we are sitting outside.
 I was made for sunny days...under the shade!!
 Coco hugs under the tent XOXO
We have been enjoying sitting outside having some ice cream at night once Nicole goes to bed, I have a few more items to add to the patio but with the string lights I am pretty much done. We love our little outdoor area!!


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