Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Disney On Ice

Taylor was in for a HUGE surprise when Gigi and Granddaddy treated her and me to almost front row seats to Disney On Ice!!! This was our second year going and it was fantastic!! One of the best parts was having Granddaddy join us, he was all about The Mouse Bounce!
 Last year Princess Taylor dressed as Princess Elsa, this year she was the fairest one of all, Snow White!
 I ordered this Snow White shirt from Ebay and had my Disney across the shoulder purse
 Gigi spoiled us with this really up close seats, they were so good y'all!
 Snow White got this pretty light up snow flake toy
 And we shared a big lemonade in this cute Mickey Mouse glass
 Look at Taylor's face, she is excited!
 My beautiful princess
 Best Day Ever!!
 Minnie Mouse!!
The show had great music, dance, the only thing Taylor did not like was the firecrackers, Taylor was NOT a fan :-(
During intermission we picked up some cotton candy and...
This awesome Olaf hat for Granddaddy!!
How thrilled was he?!
He truly loves his grand very gogirl
After the show Taylor and I stopped by Waffle House for some lunch!
We don't go out to eat very much because Nicole is too young, so anytime I get to out with Taylor its really special!!
No doubt the best tasting and affordable waffles around!
 I can't think of a better reason to take a day off work then spending it with my princess. She did great and it was even better that Gigi and Granddaddy were there. I know it will be awesome when Coco is old enough to join us! Thank you Gigi for our special day, looking forward to next April, I know Granddaddy is already counting down!!


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  1. It was a special day for us as well... what better treat than to spend it with two of our favorite girls, our hearts!!~