Thursday, April 13, 2017

Georgia State Railroad Museum & Savannah Children's Museum

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post about Savannah, today I wanted to share what we did on Day 2! Thanks to Dixie Delights I discovered a fantastic train and children's museum right next to each other, you can buy one ticket for both. Its a self guided tour and there is so much to do, climb on and see! Its a terrific place to let the kids run free and be loud, get lots of energy out! Here are lots of pics from our big adventure at the museum's!
 This is a really big outdoor space so a stroller is helpful if you have little ones
 This is the one train that actually works and you can ride, it had a loud whistle!
 So many cool things you learn too, like how they built the tracks, lots of hard work!
 It was windy when we went, but a beautiful day to be outside
 This cool room has some beautiful string lights hanging down and lots of picnic tables, there was a large family there who had brought a big picnic to share, looked like fun!
 They had multiple old cars you could walk into, its a huge and beautiful space!
 Getting to walk inside the train was really neat and we were the only ones there at the time!
 Lots of space for a train car kitchen!
 4 bunk beds on each side of the cabin, looked cozy!
 One of the many trains at the old station
Very cool seeing how tall these cars are compared to us
 After looking at all the cool trains we made our way to the children's museum, we were on top of the world!!
 My little hula hopper!
 This place was so cool y'all, tons of open space with lots of interactive games for kids to play.
 Fun slides!
 And the old architecture is stunning, very Savannah like!
 A big connect 4 game
 A huge drum to bang on in the garden
 My sweetheart
 Little labels naming what was planted in the garden
 Coco loved this reading nook!
Books and soft pillows to read and relax in
 Even making new friends XOXO
 After a few hours of playing we went into the rail car coloring station, a cool place to sit and relax. Until Nicole fell off her chair and bumped her head..time to leave!!
I can't say enough great things about our visit to see the trains and museum, a terrfic place for kids and adults!!
655 Louisville Rd, Savannah, GA 31401

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