Monday, April 24, 2017

Simple Joys

Hey y'all! Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun, Monday's can be kind of hard sometimes so I wanted to start this week off with some Simple Joys!! There have been so many lately I wanted to share, I hope they bring you some joy!
 Here is to an awesome week!
My girls love to go on strolls around the neighborhood, especially when the weather is so nice! I love seeing all the beautiful flowers blooming, there are so many pretty yards around us. I am azalea envious of these, look how big and bright they are! I need these in my front yard asap!
 There are so many great restaurants out there, but sometimes nothing compares to a homemade meal by a loved one. While in Savannah, Uncle David made is his Bang Bang Shrimp and it was even better then it looks!!
 Every month I look forward to my Birchbox filled with all kinds of great products. Here is what I got from April, my favorite is the brightening facial scrub, no lie, I can really tell a difference in my face after using this, like immediately. It just looks better, this scrub is awesome! The dry shampoo smells great, I don't use dry shampoo but I do use it on Taylor when she has day old hair to make it look fresh and non-greasy. I have not used the mask or leave in conditioner yet. I did try the lipstick and it was too dark for me. It stays on all day, but made me self conscious, I think it would work great on someone with a darker skin tone.
 Seeing how much fun Taylor has fun building blanket forts with Daddy makes me so heart happy XOXO
 Every time I hear George Jones, I think of my PawPaw who loved some George Jones, this was He Stopped Loving Her Today, possibly the saddest country song ever, but one of the most beautiful!
 Dance party!

A few weeks ago there was what is called a pink moon, I don't know much about it but I do know it was bright and pretty!! Here are Daddy and Taylor checking it from our front yard with Daddy's telescope!
 Daddy and Taylor are best friends for sure, here they are checking our leopards on the internet. They love this sort of stuff like animals, planets and stars.
 My Dad celebrated his 61st birthday this month, here is a throw back pick of a much younger both of us!! My Dad is funny, really smart, a huge Bulldog fan, generous and always positive person. He has done so much for me, I could never say thank you enough!! Notice Uncle David snoozing in the background?! Happy Birthday Hdawg!
 I have been an artificial plant kick from Home Depot, I am loving not having to water anything yet having green plants...SCORE!! Here is a pic of the new fern and hanging plants I hung on all 4 corners of the tent, we are loving it!
 We are outside a lot now with the warm weather, I've had this tin bucket for a number of years and use it a lot, I put some water bottles in them for quick access when you are feeling the heat outside!
 I ordered this yummy gyro plate from Cafe Gyro, it was great!! Chicken on a bed of yellow rice, yummy dipping sauce and some feta cheese. Be careful though, seeds in the olives!!
 Big smiles, they love to stroll :-)
 Some of the seeds we plant each year on the side of our house are starting to bloom, so pretty!
 Every Wednesday night Billy The Exterminator brings us so much joy, Whoa Dude!!!!!
 Mellow Mushroom is always a win, but I tried a slice with artichoke hearts on it, you are thinking gross but it was DELISH!! Try it!!!
 It may sound kind of strange, but I find lighting candles helps me to de-stress. Actually, I think a lot of people do this so it may not be that strange!! Anyway, I don't light these much but I did this morning while in the shower, easing into the work week!! Have a great one!!

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