Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Morning

After a fun day at Omma & Poppies The Easter Bunny hopped by that night bringing some little gifts for the girls!! Hip Hop Hooray!
 Our family LOVES Moana so The Easter Bunny brought some Maui Fish Hooks, a Moana necklace, a Disney Princess key board and some sweet treats!
 It's Maui time!!
 We had a yummy Easter breakfast with pancakes, bacon and these yummy cheese grits...
 Nicole loved these, they were great!! Just add 2 cups of heavy cream to anything and it will be good!
 Ready for church!!
 In our matching Lolly Wolly Doodle dresses!
 Celebrating our Risen Savior!
 Pastor Shaun sharing the good news
 We made it thru church with no one screaming, yeah!!
 After church we had some lunch and played outside all afternoon!
 Playing hard can ware you out! Coco snoozing in the  swing!
 While Coco was napping with Daddy I took Taylor for a sweet treat at The Chill Hill, our local FroYo place
 I love the sea salted caramel flavor topped with cookie dough, peanut butter and cherries!
 Any guess what color Taylor enjoyed?!
 I am so blessed to celebrate another Easter with my sweet family XOXO

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