Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What I Wore & Being 4 Years Old

It's the middle of another week and I saw this cute pic...
 This is what I am reminding myself or right now. Hubby has been down and out for 2 days with the stomach flu, I think its the same one Nicole has last week. When he's out Mom has to step up and do everything, it can wear on you but I know its temporary. Hopefully the medicine he got will help him feel better.
 Like the rest of America, I am loving the NBC hit show This is Us, especially Milo Ventimiglia who plays the Dad Jack. Obviously he is super hot, but I love seeing a man on TV playing a loving husband and great father. His character loves big and is romantic while having old fashioned values. You don't see that so much anymore on TV, I think its great!!
And I also think its a great representation of a lot of men in my life I know who are great Daddy's, Husband's, & Granddaddy's!!
 I got some new Valentine's tee's I wanted to share, this one came from the Etsy shop Southerly Made and I love it!! It sparkles too, wearing my heart on me tee :-)
The weather the last couple of days has been a foggy, gray and rainy, not too much fun! But even though its February I am still rocking my white pants, I paired them with this olive green tunic from Walmart, under $10 bucks and my leopard flats, a very comfy outfit!
To help lift my Falcons broken heart and gray weather I wore this new Lilly P skirt from Sarta Designs and I love it!! She makes her own skirts, its got an elastic waist (hello 2 kids!!) and its WAY cheaper then a Lilly skirt. I hope to buy more skirts from her, it even has pockets!
This oldie but goodie gray dress came from Target about 3 years ago on sale for $ Target!! That never happens and its a dress I enjoy wearing over and over again. I paired it with my black vest and new black necklace I got off Ebay for $2. Taylor thought it would be funny to pull my other one and you can imagine what happened next...beads everywhere.
If you follow along with the blog you have seen this Lilly P dress a lot, its so pretty but I paired it with a navy vest and I love it. I think this navy color will go with a lot of my little stuff during the colder months.
This was one of the first Lilly P shirts I got, my Mom got it for me when we went shopping at River Road Pharmacy in Columbus, GA. Its so cheerful and pretty, I paired it with my monogram necklace. I think Mom and me need to be making another Starbucks/River Road trip soon!!
You may have noticed in the pictures above the beautiful Valentine tassel bracelet I have been wearing all month, its from my favorite Etsy shop Dixie Delights! I know have the St. Patrick's Day, Halloween and Christmas bracelet. Amanda and her Mother make them from Savannah and I LOVE them. I paired it with this LOVE tee and red cardigan from Walmart.
I took this picture while washing my face before bed, Nicole and Hubby where snoozing already and she asked if she could stay up an play while I got ready for bed. These moments are what I love so much about her being 4. She will sit there and play with her toys and talk to them, I love hearing her imagination at play. Its a precious time in her life, I know one day she will not want to stay in the same room as me, in fact she will probably prefer to stay in her own room with the door shut. But for right now, she always wants to be with Mommy or Daddy and play, this makes me so happy!! As George Straight sang "you are the miracle that makes my lift complete" XOXO
Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies, remember this scene with the stain glass? There are some pictures in my room I have been wanting to update, they are all over baby Taylor, so cute but Nicole is not in any of them, don't want her feeling left out! So I came up with a little project idea using this stain glass, stay tuned!

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