Friday, February 17, 2017

Simple Joys

I hope this Friday is the end to another good week for everyone. There was a lot going on this week with Valentine's Day, but I enjoyed every part. Its great celebrating happiness and love! Here are some great things that brought me lots of joy this week:
 I love a good deli, especially when they serve a sandwich loaded with tons of olives! I orders this salami and olive sandwich with some broccoli soup from Jason's Deli, it was fantastic! It was in celebration of my sweet friend and coworker Donna's last day, she got a promotion to another department. Here she is!
 I've spent more time with Donna recently then anyone else in my life and have enjoyed each day! She is smart, direct and really fun! We eat lunch together pretty much every day and will miss her a lot, but I am happy for her!
 Say Cheese!! Look at that BIG smile!
 When Sissy shows everyone her dance moves or more like karate kicks!
 Still laughing while holding her chicken nugget!
 This may look like a setting sun, but its actually the moon!! Isn't it pretty?
 A new deep dish pizzeria opened up near our house recently called Luca Brasi's, it was really good!! Super thick and cheesy, we enjoyed it! And its heavy from all the sauce! If you live near Cumming, GA I definitely recommend it!
 My lovely February Birchbox arrived and its so great!! I got a dry shampoo, some pretty lip gloss, a great smelling facial moisturizer and a face peel! They send some great products I look forward to using every day!
My brother on the left, me on the right!
 Mornings are always made better with donuts, right?! Taylor loves the sprinkles and pink frosted ones!
 Coco loves them too but only if someone feeds them to her!
 I updated my desk from Santa to the girls Valentine's Day card, so sweet! And so was this homemade red velvet cupcake my coworker and great cook Cathy made, that cream cheese icing is the bomb!
 Dreams really do come true, need proof?! Chicken salad chick is our new lunch vendor at work! YES!!!!! Tuesday's are now so much better!!!!
 When work has extra LaMadeleine dessert's left over from a meeting...SCORE!!!
 I hope you all have a terrific weekend, it's a special one for me, lots of celebrating to do that I can't wait to share about!!

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