Thursday, February 23, 2017

Princess Bride Movie Night & What I Wore

Keeping up with all things love and romance for February, we watched The Princess Bride, it's such a great movie I can remember watching in elementary school and I still love it, especially cutie Wesley!
 I think this is one of the most famous quotes from the movie!
I wish Hubby and my kids would take note when I ask them to do something!!
 I used my beautiful red roses Hubby gifted me with, still going strong and a heart candy tray for romance decor, and of course a lighted candle!
 We had some hot (buffalo chicken) Rodents of unusual size dip with Frito's
 Just as cute as Wesley! I found this mask of Ebay for $5...SCORE!
 Some vanilla pudding cups and crumbled graham crackers made some lightening sand!
 Six fingered snacks came from Tyson chicken finger fries, yum!
 My littlest princess enjoying some graham crackers!
 True Love's Reece's Hearts XOXO
 Farm boy cutie Wesley
 My beautiful big princess with the bag of Fritos all for herself!
Inconceivable !!
 Believe it or not, I got this dress over a year ago and never wore out, it came from and I got it for Valentine's Day dinner with Hubby. He actually was in the hospital last February and I never got to wear it until now! Plus this Valentine's Day was way better all thanks to Hubby, I am really proud of personal changes he has made. This dress is super comfy with a stretch waist, the skirt is a little shorter then I like, but I wore some thick black tights with it, love the floral skirt!
I am loving my new Lilly P dress Hubby got me for my birthday, it hits right below the knees and has some slits on the side, a little different then my other dresses. I have gotten so many compliments on the bright colors!
I had 2 doctor appointments scheduled for the same day so I went ahead and took a day off work. If there one thing you need to know about working Mom's is, don't mess with our days off. They are few and valuable. 
So when I showed up at my first doctor's appointment at 11:30 AM and they told me it had been cancelled by accident and there was no room for me I was not too happy.
Like my face turned red. I felt like I had just wasted my precious day off. But after a few minutes I decided to change my attitude and not let this made my day off work bad. Besides, I am always wishing for a few minutes by myself and I got it so I took advantage of it. After my second appointment at the dentist and getting my cavities filled...ouch! My dentist advised not to have anything except a milkshake for a few hours...if you insist!!
I pulled into Steak and Shake and got a chocolate peanut butter shake, YUM!
I also pulled into Target kid free in search for a beautiful white dress I had seen on The Small Things Blog...
Look at what I found!! I love this dress, its perfect and comfortable, I will be wearing it all the time!! And what's even better? I used my birthday cash from my Aunt Brenda to buy it...SCORE!
And the great birthday gifts don't stop there! Check out my new Lilly P scarf Mom and Dad gifted me, I love it!! The colors go perfect with my light blue Walmart dress, its so bright and pretty! Plus the day I took this I got to work early and was able to swing by Starbucks for their new butterscotch frappacino, so good!
My favorite green vest has been collecting some dust lately so I paired it with the gray chevron Lolly Wolly Doodle dress and boots, super comfy!
Another one of my favorite dresses with tassel necklace
Anytime I wear any of my Disney cloths I get in a better mood! Still loving this Lauren Conrad Snow White sweater, its so soft and girly!
It does not happen often, but sometime you will find me in jeans. They are just not comfortable to me but I think they are super cute rolled up and perfect to wear with my new white shoes from Target. I also got this mint green top for Target, its so soft!
There is always something so pretty about a white top, I found this one on and I loved the bottom details and its very soft. I paired it with some black pants.
That feeling when the Girl Scout Cookies you ordered come in!!!!!

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