Monday, February 13, 2017

Picnic at the Playground

The calendar may say February but if you walked outside in GA this weekend, you may have thought it was May! We really enjoyed being outside in the spring like weather this weekend, it was sunny in the upper 60's, lower 70's with a nice breeze. I even had the window's open for that free air!
 I thought having a picnic would be a lot of fun so Hubby picked up a to go order at Slopes BBQ, so good! He enjoyed the rib sandwich and I had pulled chicken. We had some green beans and mac and cheese with a cherry Coke, YUM!!
The slide was the first thing my girls went for!
I was expecting Nicole to be a little scared of the big slide, no way! She went right to the top and went down backwards!
Coco loved it and was so proud of her self!
Look at me Mommy!
Swinging high in the sky!
 What ever activity Taylor was doing, Nicole was right behind her. She wants to do everything Sissy does!
After a fun time at the playground I needed to re-fuel with Starbucks Valentine drinks, the molten lava chocolate frappacino, it was SOOOO good!
It was great to have a day to be outside and let the girls run around plus Hubby and I got to enjoy some yummy food!!

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