Monday, February 6, 2017

Still Proud of The Falcons & Daddy Daughter Date Night

I always try to be really positive on the blog because I have so much to be positive about and really, who wants to read about people complaining?! But just for a minute I am feeling more like this today...
 As most of the nation saw, our beloved Falcons got beat in an OT comeback from the Patriots. They started off so good and strong, but they unfortunately didn't finish up that way. It was hard to watch and many Falcons fans are feeling like this picture above :-(
But, even this heartbreaking loss can't take away a shocking and great season by the Falcons team, coaches and MVP, Matt Ryan. We are all still proud of our home town team, they brought together many people who cheer for the underdog. They are young, super talented, and now know how far they can really go. GO FALCONS!!!
On a happier note, along with the Superbowl it was Chick Fil A's Daddy Daughter Date Night!!
This was Hubby's 5th one, can you believe it?!
 Sweet Taylor is ready for her date night!
 How much do I love this picture?!! Look at Coco's face!!
 My three loves are ready for their date!! I got the girls matching outfits from I have mentioned them before, super cute outfits but long ship dates so just think ahead!!
 Hubby took some pics at CFA, look at that beautiful tiara! They also got a gift package with a free chicken nugget meal and they had ballerina's there!
 Group selfie!!
 While they were out on date night, I fixed myself some vanilla ice cream with Magic Shell and watched one of my favorite 80's movies, Girls Just Want to Have Fun!! It was so nice to be able to sit for an entire hour and not have to get up or get something for someone...SCORE!!

They each got a beautiful carnation and tiara, so sweet!
 My pretty princesses XOXO
And because I try to mask my pain with some humor....
 And even though they won the Superbowl, it didn't stop my Falcons from sacking pretty boy Brady over and over again!!!

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