Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day Celebration

We had a fun and LOVEly time celebrating Valentine's Day this year, I hope you did too!
Hubby surprised me with some beautiful red roses:
 He gifted me with them that morning, as he was giving them to me Taylor yells out "Daddy move, I can't see Peppa Pig on TV!!" Pure Romance.
Since V-day was on a week day this year, I put together the girls class valentine's over the weekend. I got these darling tags from my favorite Etsy shop, Dixie Delights. They were so funny and Nicole got some too!
 I made each girls class a pan of chocolate brownies topped with strawberry icing and red sprinkles in these super easy aluminum cake pans, very simple and good!
 Daddy surprised both his girls with a hot pink teddy bear, so sweet!
 All you need it love, right?! I wore by Valentine tee with a red sweater, red necklace and heart shaped necklace I wore on our wedding day XOXO
 The girls had a great time at their school party, here is Taylor with her big bag of goodies and candy!
 When we got home we enjoyed a heart shaped pizza from Marco's, YUM!
 And some chocolate fudge brownies for that sweet tooth!
I gifted all 3 of my loves with a little something, Taylor got a Barbie doggie swimming pool, Nicole some blocks and Hubby a Phish shirt
 Yeah, I love presents!!
 I can't wait to throw this on the ground!!!
 My sweethearts
 You are looking at the world's biggest Phish fan and this is totally true.
Phish is my Hubby's true love. He listens all day, every day. It makes him so happy.
After 12 days in the ICU when he woke up, you know the first word he wrote to me (before he could talk), PHISH.
He also liked this sweatshirt cause it has Phish and cause I keep the house so cold he says!
He thinks our house should feel like a Caribbean Island.
I pay the bills.
You can guess who wins this battle!
 I also made my loves some heart shaped Rice Krispy treats with strawberry icing, so good!
I count my blessings everyday for all the love in my life, I am blessed way more then I deserve for sure XOXO

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