Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy 70th Birthday Aunt Brenda!!

Its seems like in my family we have 2 months out of the year that everyone has a birthday, for us its October and February!! I've already shared all the wonderful celebrations for me, but my sweet Aunt Brenda also had a milestone birthday to celebrate, 70!!
My Mom, Aunt Judy, and cousins Mindy and Catherine put together an awesome surprise party for her, SHOCKED is the word I would use to describe Brenda! She totally had no idea about the party but she loved every second!! Here are some great pics from Catherine, Mom, and me around the party that night, hope you enjoy and I am excited you get to meet more of my wonderful family!
 Here are the 2 ladies who played a big part in making this party so fantastic, Mom and Aunt Judy! My Mom has 2 great sisters, how lucky is she? And they all look like my Granny Canida :-)
 Aunt Judy's house looked stunning as usual, check out this food spread and those flowers as the centerpiece, so pretty!
 Meanwhile on the kitchen table were all the yummy desserts! I loved the salted caramel cheesecakes and chocolate covered strawberries!
 Aunt Brenda loves her VW Bug! Notice the cake was filled with my name, Uncle Lee's and Mary Kate's too, all the February birthday's!
 A super cute still a classic sign along with the black and white decor!
 Some race track garland over the kitchen fireplace
 Such a cute idea, I love this little mailbox for guests to put cards!
 As the Brenda and Lee pulled up, the front door opened wide and we all yelled surprise!
 Here is the birthday girl herself with Catherine and Mindy, pretty ladies!!
 Our family friends Milton and John, Coach Milton was my church softball coach back in the day!! I was not a great softball player but it sure was fun!!
 Sandy and June with their granddaughter
 All my little cousins are the sweetest girls around and they LOVE babies, thanks to Sophie and Caroline they played with my girls ALL NIGHT which allowed me to eat and socialize!!
 Ella Grace & Mary Kate XOXO
 Aunt Brenda's babies Michael and Mindy
 A group pic of all Aunt Brenda's little girls!! Some granddaughters and some great nieces!
 My sweet parents, so glad I got to see them on my birthday!
 Family that married into our family! My in-lawn and Catherine's parents
 My cousin Michael and 2/4 of his girls Molly Ryan and Caroline
 Family friends I have known all my life, Linda, Lynn, Margaret, and Carolyn
 The welcoming committee!! Caroline, Abby, Molly Ryan, Lauren and Sophie
 Catherine and Mindy, love them both!!
 Gigi's girl XOXO
 Like father like son, 2 handsome guys, don't ya think?!
 All the February birthday people!!
 My Mother in love!
 The East Pointer Sisters!
 Poppie's girl!
 Enjoying the party together!!
 These twin girls were the size of my hand when they were first born and look at them now!!
 Thank you girls for watching and playing with my girls!
 Burning Love!! Dancing to some Elvis!
 My favorite pic of the entire night!! Everyone was singing Happy Birthday to us and Brenda was giving a speech, just like her!! She was telling everyone how much she loved them and how much she appreciated the party, we love Aunt Brenda and wish her the happiest of birthday's!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to all our February "Babies"!! It was such a fun night!~