Monday, February 20, 2017

Celebrating 36!!

Happy Monday everyone, I have been so excited to share one of the best weekends EVER with you!
On Saturday I turned 36 and it was such a fun day filled with sweet cards, messages, gifts and love. I feel so blessed for all the great people in my life that made me feel so good. Here is how my 36th started out, I know its going to be a good one!!
 Hubby came by my office with my favorite lunch from Fancy Pantry filled with all kinds of desserts, here is a pic of the chocolate mousse shot, its so good!!
 If that was not enough he had some yummy treats from Swan Coach House waiting for me at home, the baked brie and frozen fruit salad. You may have heard me mention Swan House before, its an Atlanta treasure. We see Santa there and have had many family showers, very girly and pretty!
 Here is the brie after we heated it up, I am getting hungry just looking at it! We enjoyed it with some crackers!
 While Hubby was at a meeting Friday night the girls were splish splashing in the bathtub! Sometimes they argue the entire time in the bath, and sometimes they play great, you never know with these 2!!
 It makes me so happy to see them playing together, best friends forever!!
 This was a really special treat, I got to sleep in Saturday morning...SCORE!!
Hubby watched the girls and I snoozed until like 10 AM...YEAH!!!
 When I got up Hubby and the girls had all kinds of wonderful gifts waiting for me like this treasure box from Kirkland's Hubby filled with all kinds of great smelling shampoo's and conditioners from Ulta!
 What birthday would be complete without some Lilly P!! Hubby got me a gift card I used for a new dress and shorts, I can't wait to share them!!
 A great smell good candle from Yankee Candle!
 A new casual top from, love the baseball tee style with a floral print!
 I got this new Happy Birthday door hanger from Etsy back in January, I love it cause it has a chalkboard on it to put a new name each birthday!
 So of course I wanted to take a pic by the new door hanger! I think Hubby was making fart sounds to get Taylor laughing!
 And because its real life I knew you all would love this one!
 After that pleasant experience we needed some ice cream cake, YUM!!!
 Give me that spoon Mom, I want some cake!!
 There is my happy girl, covered in ice cream, isn't that what birthday's are all about?!
Again, I can't say enough about how thankful I am for everyone making my birthday celebration so special. When I was a little girl I dreamed of some many things and looking back I can't even believe so many of my dreams have come true. I am beyond blessed for all I have been given these 36 years!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Lindsey.... 36 looks stunning on you!!~ Love, Mom & Dad ~