Thursday, February 9, 2017

More Valentine Decor & Simple Joys

I think I have finally finished putting our all my Valentine Decor, 5 days away from the big V-Day! I still have lots of little treats to buy and prepare for the girls school parties and of course we will do something special at home, should be a lot of fun!
 I moved this white heart wreath from our bedroom door on to the china chest, I have been really trying to shop at home more and make a bigger effort to use items I already have instead of buying new ones. So far I think I am doing good! I did get this super cute heart hanger at Walmart for $5 along with the heart banner I had left over from the chest.
 As you can see, heart garland has been my favorite thing to decorate with this year, its so cute and cheap! I hung some over our hot chocolate bar. I also added a Valentine picture of the girls and used my red and white straws left over from Christmas. Some pretty white flowers from Nicole's room gave it a romantic look!
 I also picked up this heart chalkboard from Walmart, I thought it was cute for the bathroom door.
 Although the outcome was not what we wanted, we still had fun last week celebrating the Falcons! Here is Taylor's class in their red and black!
Publix $4 lunch special...SCORE!!
 Love these little feet!!
 Friday nights are the best cause there is no alarm the next day! Here is Daddy and Taylor watching TV and relaxing on the couch, perfect Friday night!
 Saturday morning's are made for donuts! We tried a local donut shop near our house called Donut Depot, very good!!
 Nicole checking our her princess tiara after her date night at Chick Fil A. I wonder what this scene will look like when she is 16?!
 Before the Superbowl started I put together a little tablescape with some tiny football's, a sign Nicole made at school and I had a cherry dump cake in the crockpot.
 Cowgirl Coco!!
 My Bulldogs lost to the yucky Gators in basketball this week, it was the "cherry on the sundae" as my brother said for GA sports fans. This meme nails it!!

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